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Thank you for visiting our blog and letting us share with you what God is doing! This blog will be making a transition starting in June. We will join together with ministry partners around the world who are also working to share the light of the Gospel in their countries. All of us will post stories of Gospel impact to one central blog. You will be able to see how the Good News is being shared globally. Stay tuned for the new blog link and join us on June 1st!

Reaching out to Namutumba

“…and the good news is preached to the poor.” Mathew 11:5

The team recently reached out to the people of Namutumba through a films and holistic outreach.  The outreach focused on telling the love of Christ through the gospel that was preached to the poor as people gathered to watch the Jesus film staged in an open place at sunset. Unlike some around the world, Uganda is among those places that are still blessed with the freedom of openly sharing Christ with a neighbor and one will not be in trouble with the law.  Oftentimes we have been privileged to screen the Jesus film in predominantly Islamic neighborhoods and our Muslim friends have willingly and freely provided us with space to screen the film, and even given an offering in support of the gospel. One of such was Namutumba. While screening the film the team had an opportunity to speak one on one with the people who gathered as they answered questions, administered prayer and counseling for those who were in need of it.  Through films alone 209 people were impacted by the message preached as 29 requested to speak to a pastor.

Along films the outreach team was also involved door to door evangelism where they engaged church laymen in visiting homes of nonbelievers sharing the message of salvation with them. Over 25 homes were visited in Kirerema and Nalukero villages reaching over 52 people with the gospel. We also had the privilege to clothe those without as we shared with them some of the clothes we collected from our families and friends back in Kampala.

Life Changed stories

Life Changed stories


“The BCC booklet has touched my life and helped me to know more about God that is to say, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit through whom God manifests Himself in our lives. I have learnt that it is the work of God’s Angels to protect and guide us in everything we do.  I have also realized that without faith, it is very difficult to please God and that faith without action is dead. ‘No one can please God except through righteousness.’ I pray that the Lord may bless you abundantly,” Mwaka Emmanuel said.

“I have been able to learn the Christian teaching and how Christianity is different from other beliefs. I have learnt about the prevention of HIV and STD infections and prevention of mother to child transmission. I learnt about angels versus demons and who they are. I would like to thank Lutheran Media Ministry Uganda for nurturing my life and reminding of what the Lord expects of me through Bible Course Certificate (BCC) booklets,” said Candiru Otensia from Tight Security Limited

“I thank God for my life. My life has changed ever since I gave my life to Christ. This has been seen through God’s good deeds. For instance, He has given my parents money and they have been able to pay my school fees and I’m now going on well with my studies. I believe that my life is going to change more than what I am today. God is my courage and I feel without God, I do not have the courage to do anything,” said NAMUYANJA LYDIA from King of Kings.

NYESIGA TONNY from King of Kings College Makindye said: “I experienced many problems when I was young. I also use to steal money, yellow bananas in people’s plantain, took drugs such as cocaine and marijuana. I used to escape at night and go bars. But by the grace of God, I got saved and was able to surpass them all.  I’m happy to note that my life got changed and I will always testify.”

Buluya community shares their faith



At the end of the three days’, the LMMU Outreach team made it to its final destination Buluya located in Namwendwa area in Kamuli district where they had for organized Equipping the Saints (ETS). With the help of Pastor Nicholas & Mwavu Ronald,   community members were mobilized for the outreach program and the people of Buluya were able to share their faith.Believers welcomed our team

ETS involves encouraging believers to preach the gospel & bring in more people to the church so that the church grows.

The residents of Buluya appreciated the ETS program but requested for some kind of allowances to facilitate them since the people could not move for long distances for instance the old, disabled and believers to be able to preach the gospel. However, the team encouraged them to do door to door preaching so that they can have more believers joining them to preach the gospel. They pledged to continue preaching the gospel.

This was also followed by a film show. (ETS IN BULUYA)

ETS in Buluya.JPG









Mukisa Ritahcious, a 17 year old from Namayina Jolwe Gayaza and a student at St. Juliana High School says she has learnt so many things which have changed her life and living in God’s ways. These ways include; reading the holy Bible every day and how to be a God fearing person.

She says that she has also learnt how to be a true Christian and to encourage others not to lose their hope and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

The most important thing I learnt is that without God, nothing is possible. She says that through the BCC, she managed do the test in time, the information on HIV/AIDS has enabled he learn how to prevent HIV& STDs.

“By faith we are under God’s command so that is seen was not made out of what was visible’ quoting Hebrews 11:3.


‘It has taught me that I should avoid temptation of using charms like ‘juju’ –a word used to mean witchcraft.  I have learnt that to read the bible every day to defeat the devil by the power of the word of God.” By BRIAN BRONNIE TWINONOMUHWEZI

Growing in faith

Growing in faith

In early January 2017, Lutheran Media Ministry Uganda (LMMU) team reached out to the people of Nakavule –Bugiri in Eastern Uganda with the message of love, peace, faith and hope in Jesus Christ through Equipping the Saints (ETS) outreach. This also involves a film show. For the Bugiri community, this was an amazing way to start the year.

The outreach is aimed at motivating lay Christians to share their faith and provide them with useful tools and strategies for witnessing.  In turn ETS graduates train teams to work with as they share their faith in the wider community.

At the end of ETS outreach, community members were shown Christian films and participants said that they had learnt the importance of having faith and pledged to continue with the campaign of making Christ known to everyone.  Well, below is a glimpse of some of activities that unfolded in Bugiri community. (ETS at Nakavule –Bugiri)