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DR. Douglas Rutt visits Uganda

Last week the Director of International Ministries Dr. Douglas Rutt visited our ministry center in Kampala Uganda. Along with him was Mr. Eric Gates, the Area Counselor for Africa.

Dr. Doug Rutt and Mr. Eric Gates were visiting the neighboring Kenya when they decided (despite their tight schedule) to drop by in Kampala and spend a day at the Ministry center offices with the staff. We had such a wonderful time sharing with them our real Ugandan Ministry stories; especially with Dr. Rutt who was visiting for the very first time.

Dr. Douglas Rutt (Extreme Right) and Eric Gates (Left) Share a light moment with some of LHM-Uganda staff

Dr. Doug Rutt was also able to meet with the reigning LCMU president Rev. Charles Bameka and Mr. Henry Baliddawa one of the members of the LCMU’s council of elders at the church office located along Ggaba road just few meters from the Ministry center offices. It was wonderful that they got to meet with some members of the LCMU leadership as it is important to continuously strengthen the Ministry partnership that LCMU and LMMU share.

Among other things Dr. Doug Rutt was also able to see Lake Victoria which provides the source to the great River Nile.

With the little time he spent in Uganda we believe the Director of International ministries has a story to tell about our country Uganda.

Eric Gate with  the Director LHM-Uganda, Rebecca at LMMU Offices

Eric Gate with the Director LHM-Uganda, Rebecca at LMMU Offices

Dr. Douglas Rutt sets the camera for the group photo with LMMU staff

Dr. Douglas Rutt sets the camera for the group photo with LMMU staff

Music and Drama at Ngetta

The sound of music swept over the communal homesteads of Ngetta village, as the day began. The silent village suddenly loudly beckoned at the neighboring localities with echoes of the gospel of Jesus Christ and soon after guests flocked in slowly and filled Ngetta Lutheran Church building. This took place on 21stJanuary 2012, at a Music and Drama gala organized by the Lutheran Media Ministry-Uganda (LMMU) in partnership with the Lutheran Churches in Lira.

A homestead in Ngetta Village where the Music and Drama gala was conducted

In a community where communal drinking of the local-brew (locally known as Lira-lira which gave birth to Lira the name of the district) sipped from a pot is lavishly embraced, where no human conflict existed, reconciliation became the song and the theme of the day, as adapted from Romans 5:10-12.

“For if, while we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more… our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received reconciliation”.

By the time the gala kicked off, the audience had been so eager to watch the performances done in the Lango dialect- the language spoken in the region. Three choirs from Ngetta and Akia Lutheran Churches participated in the music and drama ministry.

Youths of Akia Lutheran Church choir perform in a song

Without the help of Vicar James Oddo of Ngetta Lutheran Church and Shadrach Okello- a volunteer with the Ministry, who helped to translate for the non-Lango speakers, the gala could not have been any better.  All the teams performed to their best, singing out their hearts as they called upon everybody to rejoice because we are no longer condemned to eternal death but our transgressions were washed away when Jesus died for us on the Cross.

Kids of Ngeta Lutheran Church perform a drama on witchcraft

Through music and drama the competing groups unfolded the truth about the love of God and most especially how He sent His son to die for our sins so that we may be reconciled back to Him. Who could have imagined a group of kids as young as ten from Ngetta Lutheran church acting a fascinating drama that involved witchcraft scenes? Witchcraft being a prevailing in the area, the spectators were reminded of the need to invite Jesus Christ into their lives as the only ultimate solution to all their problems as sorcery was nothing more than a mere manipulation of the evil one.

A children’s choir was also present to preach the gospel of reconciliation

The dramas thrilled the audience as they kept on clapping, and laughing as they gazed in wonder of such young and incredible talent. As the message of reconciliation to God was emphasized, another aspect of reconciliation was unveiled; above all our differences in language, geographical location and background, the gospel prevailed.  Music and drama bridged the gap across many barriers, thereby emphasizing the brotherhood under the body of Christ. By end of the event 84 people responded to LHM activities, and 2 of them have joined Ngetta Lutheran Church in Lira.