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More Youngsters Embrace Behavior Change

This March under the Youth 2 Youth program, Lutheran Media Ministry Uganda equipped twenty one secondary school students with Peer Education skills in a seminar that was held at Kampala International University. LMMU partnered with volunteers from Straight Talk Foundation and Youth Alive as we reached out to young people with the aim of saving the young generation from moral decadence while imparting behavioral change for godly living. Participant from Royal College, Kampala Secondary School, and Makerere Secondary School were introduced to Peer Education using a Christian perspective of how to deal with social dangers such as drugs & alcohol abuse, pop culture, pornography, homosexuality among others that have continued to corrupt young people.

A group photograph of the Participants that attended the Youth Seminar

A group photograph of the Participants that attended the Youth Seminar

Focusing on the main objective of our Youth to Youth Program which is to help Secondary School students to overcome social life challenges, the facilitators emphasized ‘behavior change’ as they urged participants to be agents of change within their schools. It was noted that in order to influence change among their peers, they had to embrace change among themselves first. They were challenged to take on the initiative of reaching out to their fellow students especially those battling with the highlighted dangers, a call they embraced with enthusiasm.

Among the topics discussed were Behavior change, Peer education, and Effective communication.  Through these sessions, participants were helped to understand what peer education is and their role as peer educators.  They were also given a broad view of the reality of the social challenges affecting them and were also equipped with communication skills that will help them to pass on the message of change to their peers.

LMMU staff facilitating in the seminar

LMMU staff facilitating in the seminar

One of the sessions of the seminar

One of the sessions of the seminar

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     One Victor Tugumisiriza, from Makerere Secondary school, in his remarks about the seminar, thanked LMMU for organizing such an event that enabled them to hear life-changing messages that they would not have acquired from their academic program. Like Victor, many other participants appreciated the training and even requested for more training so that they are further enriched with such great teachings.

LMMU is grateful to Straight Talk Foundation and Youth Alive Uganda for their generosity towards educating young people. The partnership exhibited among the three organizations was vital for the success of the seminar.  Glory to God!

Outreach in Kakiika & Kitwe

Last week as we conducted an ETS seminar in Lukonda village Kayunga district we also managed to stage two film show in the nearby communities at the end of each seminar day.

On the 24th of February, we assembled our equipment in Kitwe trading center located approximately 30 kilometers from Lukonda. Kitwe is rather a busy town as compared to the other trading centers we had met on our way from Kayunga town and we were privileged to stage there a film show.

Film show in Kitwe

A cross-section of the crowd that attended the film show in Kitwe

Another section of the crowd that attended the film show in Kitwe


Finding a specific place to show the film was not hard as our volunteer in the area Mr. Muluuta had done his coordination work quite well. By nightfall over 480 people had gathered for the show.

On 25th we headed for Kakiika which was quite nearer to Lukonda than where we had been the previous day. Fortunately for us it was a market day and it being a place that still lacks such necessities as electricity the audience easily gathered by sun set. However we were challenged by the weather as it go so windy that the screen we were using to project the film was blown down twice during the film broadcast. Nevertheless we managed to register an audience of over 380 people. We thank God for His faithfulness.

Film show in Kakiika


She Saw God’s Salvation at 60

As the workshop participants were being urged to witness for Christ, most of the participants spoke about what they knew about Jesus, and this is what they would tell their neighbored about. Some said Jesus was the Savior of the world, others said he was the Son of God, Some said He is the healer, others said He is the messiah… many qualities of Jesus were talked about. But Idis, a representative from Kakiika congregation knew nothing about Him. At first it seemed like she was shy to speak up among the congregation but, more shocking was that she consented to follow me after the session was done so I could tell her about Jesus.  Idis, 60 was born in Kakiika village in Kayunga district, where she has lived since childhood.  She said she had always desired to be godly all her life. She said she had always avoided quarreling or being in conflict with her neighbors, characteristics that no doubt presented her as a good Christian. But one thing she lacked was a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

LMMU staff shares with Idris (right) about the love of Jesus Christ the Savior


As she was taken through John 1, she began to understand who Jesus was. The team of two facilitators preached to her the gospel of Jesus Christ and opened her eyes to the precious love of our heavenly Father.  This confirmed one of the scriptures that had just been used in the previous session-“How can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? Rom10.14

Sharing with Idis reminded me of the apostle Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch. Acts 8: 29-40. The Eunuch read the word of God, but he understood nothing. Similarly Idis attentively listened to the word of God but she knew nothing about this Word. It also reminded me of Paul’s experience in Athens, where an alter was dedicated to “THE UN KNOWN GOD”. Acts 17: 22-28. One wonders if this unknown God had some worshipers. Probably, he did. But with Paul’s visit, the unknown God was unveiled. Likewise, with the ETS workshop, Christ and his Salvation were revealed to a 60, year-old woman. With the assurance in God’s love for her, we believe she will live happily ever after.

How grateful we are to the Holy Spirit that He created in Idis’ spirit the thirst to know him. As we led her through prayer we together prayed that God may use her to tell others about him, and we believe he will do so.   Idis is one of the Volunteers that were enlisted out of the ETS participants.

Kayunga Equipped for Evangelism

The people of Kayunga welcomed Lutheran Media Ministry at Resurrection Lutheran church, in Lukonda village as it conducted an Equipping The Saints workshop on 24th through 25th February 2012.  The workshop attracted lay leaders from 4 congregations in Kayunga district which include, Kakiika, Lukonda, Kaato and Kitwe.

LMMU staff arrive in Lukonda Village-Kayunga for an ETS Seminar.

It is common to hear a Lutheran call for evangelism using Matthew 28: 18-20, but this time round, this scripture simply set the foundation for the teachings that were used during the workshop. The main focus was personal evangelism as every participant was made to realize that they are particularly called to make Jesus known to the rest of the world. In our discussion with the participants, we learnt that Kayunga is a district characterized with witchcraft, ritual sacrifices, sorcery, poverty, and all kinds of evils; probably this is typical of the world today.  Mr. Sserwniko Paul, the worship-leader of Resurrection Lutheran church- Lukonda likened it with hell, saying that it is full of all kinds of suffering.

LMMU staff facilitates in the ETS seminar

Glad that LMMU had considered his home district for such a wonderful training, he encouraged the participants to have hope and believe that God will grant their desires if they seek Him diligently.

And if the participants’ prayer was to be equipped in order to evangelize their world, God gave them an answer before the workshop ended. Some of the participants confessed to have regressed in zeal to pray or even to serve God. Some of the participants had never had a living relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ, and so they never knew he required then to serve Him. The workshop was such a rejuvenating doze that re-kindled the fire for evangelism.

The workshop offered inspirational teachings though topics such as Hospitality and friend ship, Why evangelism, Evangelism and Follow-up, Music and drama, Fundraising, Personal evangelism, as well as offered  evangelism tools such as New Testament audios to enhance small group ministry (group bible studies) at the grass root.

ETS Seminar in session

ETS Seminar in session

With the skills acquired through the ETS training, and the synergy of the church leaders in tending their “sheep”, there is no reason why the Lutheran church in Kayunga should not spiritually grow and also increase in number. This of course is largely dependent on the willingness of the participants, especially those who successfully completed the workshop and joined the team of LHM volunteers.

ETS Seminar in session











We scattered the seed, but it is the Lord who will make it grow, and better yet, make it bear fruit. We continue to pray that the Holy Spirit accomplishes the work he started in this area.