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Preaching Christ through Music and Drama.

On March 30ththe LMMU team set out for a Rural Outreach in Kamuli a district located along the Nile on the southern shores of Lake Kyoga. It was such a busy schedule as the outreach involved various activities such as Music and drama activities that were held on 31st March and films shows which were conducted throughout the weekend. It was a remarkable experience as it ushered in a glamorous end of the month with more than nine hundred people reached out to with the gospel message of Jesus Christ.  Whereas the gala was conducted in at Kamuli Lutheran church a congregation located within Kamuli town, the film shows were conducted at remote localities, approximately 80 kilometers from town.

While at Buloopa village, on March 30th, and at Gwase-Kyabazala on March 31, 2012, the ‘Jesus’ film attracted people from all walks of life including Muslims. Many of these people embraced Christianity while the sick were prayed for and the troubled counseled which was the most joyous moment of them all. With follow-up by the Lutheran leaders, we hope most of the new converts will be nurtured in the church.

March 31st was yet another cheerful day as the people of Kamuli engaged in a Music and Drama gala which was used to proclaim the gospel to the un-churched, de-churched and the Lost. People traveled from near and far to participate in this event registering a participation of over eight MDD groups and an audience of over 300 people. The groups presented to the audience in Music, dance and drama which were majorly performed in Lusoga (a local dialect that is spoken in that region) while focusing on ‘Reconciliation’ which was the theme of the day as they preached about God’s Love and how He reconciled sinful mankind through the sacrificial death of His dear Son Jesus Christ. The groups that participated in the gala included; Mbulamuti Lutheran church which won the prize in the competitions, and Kyabazala Lutheran church, which run 2nd; Naminage, Buloopa, Kamuli, Kabalongo, Butayunjwa, Lutheran churches and ‘Hearts & Hope for Uganda’ Lutheran Church Primary School were also part of the groups that participated in this wonderful event.

This outreach was preceded by another community film show that was conducted in Tibaleka Zone in Bukasa, located approximately four kilometers from our Ministry center office.

We appreciate the efforts of all our volunteers who assisted in the coordination of these activities.

May God bless you.

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