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Jesus Film Rocks Kasanvu Zone

Last week the Ministry reached out to Kasanvu community located in Namuwongo, one of the busiest suburbs around Kampala.  This outreach registered quite a bigger number of responses as compared to other film shows we have conducted around the city.  Three hundred seventy three (373) is a rare number to gather for a “Jesus” film around Kampala due to the modernity that characterizes the area. However with the support of the volunteers and partnership with the local community of Namuwongo, the film show turned out to be a success.

One of the Ministry Volunteer leads the crowd in Prayer

While at Kasanvu zone the Ministry met and ministered to various categories of people due to the Cosmopolitan nature of Kampala city. There were people gathered from all the regions of Uganda. As diverse were the crowd, so were their spiritual needs. Some of them forwarded different prayer requests concerning the challenges they were facing including drunkenness, lust, demonic afflictions, and above all, some of them wanted to know Jesus Christ and to receive his free gift of salvation.

We continue to pray for strength and wellbeing in order to continue serving the Lord, thanks to LHM’s rich and diverse programs in which we engage our efforts, as we reach out to the un-churched, pointing them to the savior and welcoming them to the church.

Grooming and Engaging Evangelists

Early this month the Ministry conducted an Equipping the Saints workshop at Christ Community Lutheran School in Iganga where Thirty one (31) laymen from eight congregations were trained in evangelism. The ETS Program emphasizes personal evangelism, instilled in lay Lutheran members to be able to reach out to the un-churched and the de-churched while enriching the church with new converts to Christianity through the utilization of several strategies of maintaining these converts comfortable in the church. It was of great advantage to trained Lutheran laymen most of whom were active congregants involved in youth leadership, women leadership and even pastoral work.

ETS at Kaweete Iganga

Some of the trainees had an opportunity to participate in the open air film shows that were conducted in the rural areas of Iganga. During the film shows the trainees had a hands-on experience of ministering to God as we prayed for and counseled those in need. The three day ETS & Film outreach that was conducted brought more meaning to the ministry as over 500 responses were generated and 150 people referred to the Local Lutheran congregations.

During the ETS workshop, the zeal for evangelism was rekindled, and new commitments were made by the Lutheran laymen to enhance ministry in their communities by forming evangelical teams, visitation ministry, as well as inviting new worshipers to their congregations by forming, and practicing hospitality and friendship. All this will be done in partnership with the church leaders, some of whom were part of the workshop.

A group of young people showcase Evangelism through Music

With the full support from the Lutheran church volunteers in Iganga, LMMU hopes to achieve its goals and see its mission fulfilled, as laymen effectively follow-up the responses and referrals that were generated during this outreach.

Peer Education is our Approach-Teaching Youth to breakthrough Adolescence Fantasies.

The “Youth to Youth” behavior change campaign is now sweeping through the schools in Wakiso District., following the Peer education seminar that was conducted at Alliance high school on June 2, 2012. The Youth 2 Youth seminar was conducted in partnership with Naguru Teenage Information and Health Center, and Loving Uganda, both organizations that have impacted on the lives of many youths in the country. Four schools that included, Alliance High school, Kazo Hill Colege, World Rock Secondary School and Kazo Secondary school attended the workshop represented by a membership of 38 students.

A recently held Youth Seminar

Participants at a recently held Youth Seminar

The strength of the “Youth to Youth” program is that it removes the delusions that fills a life of secondary school students due to adolescence, and brings them to the reality of their present life, while making a flash of what their future could be. Youth2Youth addressed real challenges existing in the very schools, as the students admitted. The youngsters were reminded that their future largely depends on the behavior they exhibit in their age group. Having realized the significance of the Youth2Youth program, 38 students from above-mentioned schools embraced the behavior change campaign. And as they had been taught to create a multiplier effect on the peers, each of them wrote down names of the students they would reach out to after the seminar.

Youth Seminar at Alliance High School-Nansana

Youth Seminar at Alliance High School-Nansana

Our Youth Program locally known as “Youth to Youth” is a behavior change campaign whose objective is to help Secondary school students to overcome their social life challenges using the Peer education approach. The students were trained in peer education as various facilitators took them through key areas which make the gist of peer education regarding behavior change. These include ‘Peer Education & the Peer Educator’, ‘Behavioral Change’, ‘Effective communication’, ‘Sex and Sexuality’, among others. In his topic, Mr. Eyoma David of Loving Uganda, while taking on ‘Peer Education and The peer Educator”, showed the students the roles of a peer educator, qualities of a good peer educator and the advantages of the peer education approach in impacting change. Mr. Sserubiri Timothy of Naguru Teenage Information and Health Center,on the other hand thrilled the youngsters as he took on “Behavior change”. During this topic students were educated about the behavior change process, factors that hinder or facilitate behavior change and how to influence behavior change as a peer educator.

Reaching the Youth using the Peer education approach

Youth recording her name on a response form

A High school student recording her name on a response form

As we imparted such lessons into the students, we also learned that the knowledge acquired from out seminars is vital for their teachers as well. Accompanying their students, the patrons of Kazo Hill College, world Rock Secondary school, and Kazo Secondary school appreciated the program, and also requested for regular arrangements to train the rest of their students. We believe that with this program, LMMU will be able to create a group of youth who have the freedom to enjoy their youthfulness, and yet enjoy it responsibly with the ability to impact on their schools.

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