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Getting more Interpersonal with Our Uninvited SMSs!

Taking every possible opportunity that God provides us with to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ as the Savior of the whole world, LMMU started an SMS ministry. We send SMS that are unrequested to a diversified mass audience, and even provoke them to reply to these uninvited texts messages!  It has always been a mystery understanding how the audience interprets these SMSs. However, one thing that has always been clear is that someone out there was receiving and reading these texts as some courageous ones would respond back with an inquiry of wanting to know who was sending these messages while others replied back with the same message that had been sent or even an insult.

SMS Ministry

The shield we have always enjoyed as the sender is that no one would get to call back as the line had been designed exclusively for text messages.

Recently, when this program started to register a decline in the responses  generated which of course was quite discouraging, bringing us face to face with the challenge of coming up with all ways of expanding our outreach through this program as we focused on reaching all people with the message of the saving grace. One of the ways that stood out was to upgrade this SMS line to start receiving calls as well.

For the past few weeks that is what we have embarked on doing and the response has been amazing. In just one day we had over sixteen people call back this number shortly after they received the message that was sent. Surprisingly of all the people who called back were appreciating the Ministry for the wonderful and encouraging messages we have been sending out to them. Some even complained of trying to back in the past but were unable to connect through while others requested us to keep sending them these messages and others were interested in knowing more about our Ministry.  One Peter from Gayaza said, “Keep sending, if possible you could even send it every minute”.  Among other responses, were Alfred Mugisha and Jackson Male who wanted to know more about our Ministry and surely now their request is answered as they were given the Ministry URL and physical address.

The SMS ministry breaks the mass-outreach down to an interpersonal relationship with particular individuals. Just recently one Barbra from Mpererwe, troubled by a corrupt pump operator who had cheated her at the fuel station had her gloomy evening turned bright and happy when our message individually spoke to her about the situation she was facing at that moment as she explained how her heart had been touched. “I had determined to get back at this man and punish him for cheating me, when I suddenly received a message that came through my phone saying, “Why do you complain. Have u not heard the everlasting God does not grow tired or weary, He gives strength and increases the power of the weak.…”, she narrated. This message opened her eyes to her weakness in terms of anger, and brought forgiveness in her heart, as she offered forgiveness to her offender- our uninvited text settled it all.

As we celebrate the relationship we building through the SMS ministry, we also rejoice in the insults that are hurled on us by some of the SMS recipients, who think that Jesus and his advocates are their enemies. We continue to pray that someday the Almighty God will use these un-invited SMS to bring them into His salvation in the power of His Word.