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Changing Lives with A single SMS

As part of our monthly programing we recently sent  out an anonymous message to over 4,000 people and the response was just amazing. Our response line could not stop buzzing as it got jammed with many people calling all day and night long while others resorted to responding by SMS as they constantly failed to connect through due to the jam. We received quite a number of wonderful testimonies that were tickled by just a simple message of less than 160 characters. Please join us as we share with you some of the wonderful stories we received from our audience.

 Mr. Godfrey Ssebunya a resident of Kisugu, a suburb located 5km from our Ministry center office received this message that evening as he sat down to study the bible with the hope of stirring up his faith as this was the one thing he clung to amidst his financial constraints. The message read Do not quake at the magnitude of the challenge before you. God will see you through and He will give you rest. By His strength you can crush an army. With God you can scale any wall’’. When Godfrey read this message he could not believe his eyes as he read it again and again before deciding to call the sender’s number that was attached to the SMS. Wondering who this person was that knew exactly what he was going through at that point in time, he picked up his phone and called our response line inquiring who it was that had sent him the message and how they had got his telephone number. The receiver started by apologizing for any offense the message could have caused but no sooner was she done with the apologies than Godfrey interrupted saying; “You do not know what you have just done”. He then narrated his ordeal and how the SMS had been sent to him by God saying. “I was stressed over the school fees of my son whom I am preparing to take to school and it seemed like there was no way out. Then I have this mission trip I am planning to make to Mbale, Busia & Malaba and in all this the challenge I have been facing is inadequate funds. It has been such a puzzle about how I am to make it through all this financial constraints but as I sat down this evening to read the bible I received this message speaking about the same challenge I am faced. It just looked like God was specifically speaking to me about my situation”. And from the interaction we had with Godfrey we learnt that he is an evangelist who has  committed to witness to people in various parts of Uganda about the love of Christ. However His long appreciation was cut short by many other calls that were jamming the phone and needed to be attended to.

 Comforted in the loss of his son

Patrick from Hoima called appreciating the Ministry for the message he received. “I was wondering who it could be that has learnt about my situation”, he said. Patrick was grieving the loss of his son that had occurred just the previous week.  Amidst his sorrow he was amazed at the message we sent him not knowing who he was neither the kind situation faced. The SMS we sent whispered such a comforting voice. He is still marveled at how God could use people who do not know him to comfort him in such a trying time. All we could say was that our dear God is all knowing, he sees all that we go through even in the darkest of the shadow of death. He is still there with us.

 Hard situations simplified

One lady by the name of Grace called asking how we are and how we had known what she was exactly going through as the SMS seemed to directly speak to her. It seemed almost impossible to convince her that we actually did not know who she was and the SMS were just one of the ways through which we reach out to people with the love of Christ. Though she did not disclose what the situation was, in her dialogue, she had this to say, “You don’t know how your message has delivered me” This applies to Anna from Nansana area and one Judith who called from Rwanda appreciating the SMS Ministry.

Our SMS Ministry is one of the daring ways through one can reach out to the non-believing world ranging from the corporate class to the non-elite in the different parts of the country. Many times we have received very abusive responses but never the less we cannot ignore the fact that many have been encouraged, believers and none believers alike. What a joy it is to know how God is touching people with just one SMS. Even in the smallest of ways you can least imagine such as an SMS God has touched many and caused them to believe in Him. One SMS can be compared to that one talent whose steward looked down upon, not knowing that the master expected it to be invested to gain profit. To LMMU, one SMS is rather likened to one mustard seed which when broadcast; it grows into a large tree under whose branches hundreds of people find shelter. It is something very small, and yet very big. We thank God for the freedoms we have to broadcast bulk SMS.

Opening Homes and Hearts for Christ

Last month we were on an evangelical mission in Kayunga district with the Resurrection team from North Carolina, USA as we partnered in reaching out to the un-churched and the non-Christians in the area. During the outreach the team was involved in house-house evangelism, and also conducted film shows in the open arena for all to see and hear the gospel message of salvation in the local language.  These activities were conducted in Kakiika, Kaato, and Lukonda, where the Lutheran church has been planted.

The team shares the good news with one of the homes in the family courtyard

The team shares the good news with one of the homes in the family courtyard

One of the exciting moments was the one-on-one talks where the outreach team interacted with the local people who had responded to the films. Despite the bad weather that prevailed at Kaato, Muslims endured the drizzle as they had their eyes fixed on the film. Once again we were greatly blessed with the open-heartedness of the audiences who received the gospel as presented to them both in film and in word of mouth. From the film shows alone 378 responses and 119 referrals were generated and 3 Muslims have so far joined the congregation in Kaato. Praise the Lord!

It was amazing how people freely and warmly welcomed us to their homes as we moved around the villages of Lukonda and Kakiika. Of course we did take for granted such freedom to bring the good news without boundaries. In the visitations, we met Muslims who opened their homes and even allowed to be prayed for in the name of Jesus.

The team prays with Mr. Ibrahim at his home during the visitation activity in Lukonda village

The team prays with Mr. Ibrahim at his home during the visitation activity in Lukonda village

The elderly Such as Mr. Ibrahim 85, a widower who lives with his grand children were strengthened as we shared and prayed together with them. We thank God for this opportunity and also the resurrection Lutheran church-North Carolina for partnering with us on this outreach.