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Jesus Film in Lira

While most of the days of our Outreach to Lira were far spent in evangelism training, the evenings ushered us into yet other fresh moments of the proclamation of the gospel message of Jesus Christ. We conducted four film shows in places we had never been too, including Alira trading center, where Ngetta Lutheran church plans to establish another Lutheran congregation. Other film shows were held at Corner-Kamdin, Ngetta Mission Zone and in Akia. Through the film shows, over 1000 people heard the gospel message, and 725 people responded to LHM programs.

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People of all walks of life were impacted upon, including those who had gathered to relax around pots of local brew which happens to be the commonest leisure engagement in the areas we visited. The consumption of local brew in Lira is highly communal whereby groups of both men and women gather in groups and drink themselves away, especially in the evenings. However, as film show preparations started around 5:00pm, we were able to alter their focus the Jesus film.

In Addition to the rural film outreach ministry, two urban film shows were conducted in Mengo a city suburb in Kampala and in Nabutti village located in Mukono Town Council. The urban films shows generated 136 responses and 12 referrals.

Relearning Prayer Through Drama

On 31st August 2012, LHM-Uganda staged a drama in the open arena at Corner-Kamdin. The drama was extracted from the Lord’s Prayer, as referred to by Christians. In the evening as people were retiring from their work, they were drawn to the drama that lasted less than 20 minutes but was highly intriguing, especially to people who were used to reciting prayer without deeper thought of what they were praying and those who did not know how to pray.

Through the drama the audience was reminded that when they pray God hears every word they utter and is willing to answer their prayer. However, in order for any one’s prayer to be answered, it is important for them to keep in the will of God as they pray. The skit also portrayed that people need to keep in the repentance and constant forgiveness of each other for God to be closer to them.

Most importantly, it taught the audience to avoid mere recital of prayers as only a religious requirement, but to internalize the words in their prayer and utter them from the heart. “The skit is very educative, especially to Christians regarding the way we pray, but it was very short one Okello Dennis said”

Our appreciation goes tour Volunteers Fredrick Ocheng and Mirriam Adero from Ngetta and Akia Lutheran congregations respectively, who worked tirelessly to be able to act the skit.

Drama staged at Corner Kamdin

The Saints Must Be Equipped

An old chorus goes: “When He calls me I will answer…I’ll be somewhere working for my Lord” Whenever I sing that chorus, I am drawn to this inner satisfaction that when my Lord calls me from this world, He will find me busy in His vine yard. On August 31, 2012 at approximately 10:40pm, I almost tasted the reality of this song when our car suddenly rammed into a Truck that had stopped in the road. It could take only God for the four of us to survive the crash.  I recall what the driver told me when he had just been pulled out of the metals in which his legs were stuck, “surely we still have a ministry to do for the Lord, otherwise we would have perished”, he said, gnashing his teeth from the pain in his legs.

ETS at Ngetta, Lira

ETS at Ngetta, Lira

At his statement, I looked back to the tiresome week we had had training 19 laymen who had gathered at Ngetta Lutheran church for the Equipping The Saints workshop; The film shows through which we had touched more than 1000 people with the gospel, the drama ministry, and then everything collectively confirmed the instincts the chorus has always created in me- surely we would have retired from the Lord’s vineyard, right into eternal happiness in heaven, had we passed on in that motor accident, but I strongly believe the work of Equipping The Saints and much more ministry still needs us.

Participants  of Ngetta and Akiia in ETS

Participants of Ngetta and Akiia in ETS

It was an amazing experience interacting with the people from Ngetta and Akia congregations as we took them through the evangelism training. Some of the topics that comprised the training included Evangelism and Follow-up, Music and drama, Hospitality in the church, Small-Group ministry. All these presented to the participants strategies for the revamping of personal evangelism, increasing church membership and sustaining new believers in their congregations by engaging them in small group church ministry.

The training was tailored to the needs that were highlighted including lack of laymen’s participation in evangelism ministry in the Lutheran church in Lira. As such, the ETS package was a fresh message that sparked the zeal of the laymen to be more active in outreach ministry. Once their participation increases, LHM-Uganda partnership with the local Lutheran church will be strengthened.   The ETS training is hopped to change the face of the Lutheran church in Lira, if what was taught is put into practice.