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Uganda’s Season of Jubilee-Yoga Yoga!

For many people around the world, at the mention of the word Yoga their minds will straight away connect to those series of exercises with twisted body poses. However to Ugandans this word means celebration which is usually accompanied with “Ah-iyerereya” a sound of jubilation made by the ladies. It is Yoga Yoga! for Uganda as on October 9th, 2012, we shall be celebrating 50 years of Independence as a Nation.

The Ugandan government is apparently spending over 215 billion Uganda Shillings on the Jubilee celebrations, according to the media reports as they commemorate 50 years- Golden Jubilee since we gained our independence from the British government in 1962. This is one of the significant occasions for us Ugandans, especially for those who have lived through several regimes and have stories to tell regarding the growth of Uganda as a nation and how blessed it has been.

Stories are being told of how far we have come as a Nation which has seen various regimes come and go including those where a woman dressing in pants was an abomination and the Girl-child education was not a priority. Fifty years ago a woman’s duty was to stay home and attend to the house chores and sometimes prepare a special dish for her daughters and herself if chicken was prepared for dinner as she was not allowed to eat it. At dinner time she would serve her husband and the sons and watch them eat until they were satisfied as she was not to eat until the men in the house had eaten to their fullest.

Wow! To many young people this sounds quite ridiculous as chicken is now one of the fastest selling snack at the food stores while the girls have been favored more in the public universities as they are being given extras point to qualify for academic courses of their choice against their male counterpart, thanks to our current government! Today various public offices are being headed by women including Ministerial posts. To point out just a few; the Uganda ninth Parliament is being headed by a woman, the Minister of Finance, Uganda Revenue Authority, Kampala City Council Authority, World Vision- Uganda, the LHM Uganda local Board and not to mention the LHM Uganda office are all headed by women. Our President has even been quoted to saying he believes in appointing more women for most of these public offices as they have proven to be more faithful.

Nevertheless it been 50years and indeed we have come a long way and right now, happiness is all you see as people prepare for the day. Jubilee songs are already on the airwaves, a monument has been erected at the independence grounds, Kampala Capital City Authority has organized a carnival for the city dwellers, and Kololo Airstrip has been exclusively furnished to host over 5500 guests who have flown from near and far including His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, Prince Edward.

The Media industry has also not been left out as Journalists are on the run hunting for historical personalities to feature on news bulletins which most of them have renamed to match the season “Uganda at 50 years- Jubilee edition” talk of tellers of the time!

For some of us who are blessed to work along the High way to the Common Wealth Resort, it’s been all sirens all day long as various guests are being escorted to the resort. Generally there is a new breeze sweeping through the nation- and it is for the glory of Uganda, the Pearl of Africa!

We could say the celebration is worth the cost, considering how God has been faithful to our Nation overlooking all evil and wickedness as He has continued to bless us with economic growth, peace and lots of freedoms. Religious bodies in Uganda have already warmed up for the celebration, with an outcry to pray for the Nation and rededicated it to God. Many churches have declared a prayer and fasting period as the day of jubilee approaches, seeking the face of God, repenting the sins of the Nation and seeking national restoration into the blessings of God.

This is an exciting season with great implication on every people of God. As Lutheran Media Ministry Uganda and the Nation at large, it is Yoga Yoga! as the Jubilee means a lot.  Bionically speaking it is the season of liberty, restoration and reunion.  As we join the entire Nation in prayers, we anticipate a bright future as a Ministry, trusting that the walls and hindrances we have faced in the past as a Ministry will exist no more. We envision limitless proclamation of the gospel message to all people all nations all for Christ.

God has already graciously positioned us as instruments to proclaim freedom to those in captivity; to restore hope to those whose hope has been robbed by the devil.  As we strengthen our partnerships we hope to rise to glory in the post-jubilee years even as we believe that the jubilee will usher us into a new beginning.  We LHM call upon all LHM to join us as we pray for a better future for our Country amidst all these celebrations. “Yoga Yoga” Uganda


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In the month of September, another Jesus film was conducted at Lusaka Trading center. Lusaka zone is located in Makindye division near Kampala city. This rare event in the area was conducted in partnership with a local church commonly known as Prayer line ministries, which provided volunteers who helped in the coordination and promotion of the event. During the film show the Ministry team got a chance to interact with the audience on an individual basis, which enabled us to establish a closer relationship with them and identify their needs.

As we discovered that some of the people gathered for the film were uncharted, it confirmed our need to continue with the film show activity. In talking to them God provided a way for many to know Him, as some received His gift of salvation; among them were Muslims and Catholics. We encouraged them to continue in fellowship in order to strengthen their faith.  Seventy six people responded to this program with some requesting for BCC, more film shows, Prayer, and Home visitation, among others. We hope to use these avenues to help them strengthen and nurture their faith.

In a city where only the fittest survive, such a gospel message was a great comfort to many, most of whom were retiring from a long day’s work. The hearts of those who did not have time for fellowship such as one Ditahn, Fred and Timothy, were touched and as a result they were connected to the local church for Christian nurturing.

The film ministry continues to be refreshing to the believers as well as an effective means to preach the gospel of God’s grace to the city-dwellers in Kampala. We continue to pray that God will keep us with the ability to carry the Ministry forward.

New believers being led in a general prayer

Volunteers speaking to the congregation that gathered for the show.