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The power of choice

“It’s My Choice to Change My World” was the motion for our recently held youth Seminar which involved an open debate held at our Ministry offices in Kabalagala. This motion aimed at helping young people in Secondary Schools discover their potential to live responsible lives while creating in them a passion to become models of morality, as well as, awakening their zeal to reach out to their peers with the message of Hope.

Group picture of the Youth at the “The power of choice” Seminar.

The seminar was attended by Secondary School students from Muyenga High School, St. Catherine’s College, Newcastle High School, Ggaba Parents’ High School, Ggaba Mixed High School, Kansanga S.S. and Maranatha High School.
These young stars who were challenged to live positive, moral and productive lives were reminded that they had the power to do this as the power of choice lay in their hands.
The event was conducted in partnership with Act Foundation and Naguru Teenage Health and Information Center.

Can’t Preach It? Dramatize It!

Cosmos Primary school had a colorful end of month as LHM-Uganda ministered to them in music and drama this October. As the pupils relaxed from their lunch break, LHM-Uganda provided them with a gospel desert, proclaimed through music and drama. The same activity was performed at Buhemo trading center just a few meters from Cosmos primary school. These places are located about sixty kilometers from Busia town.

The dramas were used to teach the audiences how to pray and develop an intimate relationship with God. Members of Nalwiire Lutheran church also ministered through a drama that encouraged the audience to hold firmly onto their faith. This also sounded a call to the non-believer to respond to the voice of God, who calls all sinners to come to Him, and also expressed the believer’s confidence in Jesus Christ, who never forsakes His people.

We thank the administration of Cosmos Primary School for opening their doors to us to impact on the lives of those pupils with the gospel message.  Cosmos Primary School will be the first to pioneer in our BCC program in this area. As the Bible teaches that when a child is trained in the ways of the Lord, he will surely never abandon them when he grows up, likewise, we hope the knowledge passed on to them through our Ministry will always be a part of them even when they are older.

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Busia Lutheran Community Revived for Evangelism

In the month of October we experienced one of those golden moments in our partnership with the church on the outreach we made to Busia. During this exercise over 22 laymen from the congregations of Nalwiire and Buhasaba were equipped with evangelism skills through our Equipping the Saints Program.

In such a situation where laymen have had only two congregations in the whole district in a period of over 13 years, the ETS  workshop was the ultimate key to unlock the zeal and realization of the Christian call to evangelize, as was proclaimed in the training package.  And as a result the people of Nalwiire and Buhasaba pledged to put into practice what they were taught.

During the workshop Lutheran laymen were trained in evangelism, follow-up, Hospitality, Music and drama, and there was no better opportunity as to enlighten them about LHM Uganda, it’s mission, objectives,  goals and future partnership plans, especially with the local church.

And as their pledge stands; LHM Uganda also waits in cheerful expectation for the implementation of its activities at the grass root in the area by the ETS volunteers. We hope they will continue to work closely with the church leaders under the close supervision of our District facilitators who were also part of the training.

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Proclaim It in the City and in the Country

In the fields of God, the month of October was just like the months before it; the world was still hungry for the word of God.  The gospel came just on time to the hungry souls that needed it, as we proclaimed through the Jesus films in different places both in Kampala city and in the remote areas of Busia located at the eastern Uganda border with Kenya .

Gospel proclamation is such a common thing in the city. It is preached on the streets, churches are quite many, and the electronic media has enabled the biggest percentage of people to hear the gospel in the comfort of their homes.  However, in the midst of all this gospel commonalty, one thing stills made a difference -a new people were brought to faith in Christ. For first time these people came to know the truth about salvation and embraced it. We are glad that through our programs and activities people were spiritually set free.

Five film shows were conducted at Kikajjo and Katwe; two places in the Kampala city suburbs, from which over 143 people responded to the gospel message.  In the same way over 417 people responded to the gospel, in the shows that were conducted at three different places in Busia i.e. at Lumiino, Nalwiire and at another place called “Eight miles”. During these film shows it was interesting to see many people sign up for our Bible Correspondence course.

Through the film outreach a diversity of people were ministered to including the sick, as we prayed for them, and those who responded were introduced to Ministry programs and activities while they were attached to our local church partners for follow up. We encourage all those who are proclaiming the gospel of Christ to continue without ceasing. The city is as hungry for the word of God as the country.  Indeed the harvest is plenty!

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