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Peer Educators Equipped with More Life Skills

In the month of November, LHM-Uganda had a good time interacting with its Peer Educators in a Seminar that was conducted at the Ministry Center offices in Kabalagala.

Having worked with Secondary School students locally known as ‘Peer Educators’ to impart behavior change among themselves and their peers, it was now time to equip them with more knowledge with which they will continue to use to inspire their peers.  Forty five students from fifteen schools were trained in basic counseling and life skills as they were also educated about the dangers of peer pressure and the advantages of abstinence. To crown it all these young people were enlightened about their call to serve the Lord and others while still in their young age. In one of the presentation the youngsters were reminded of the purposes for which they we created which is to serve God and they were called upon to embrace it.

Having tasted the goodness of our peer education program, five patrons from various schools also participated in the seminar and together with the students received the message that was being taught.

Looking at what their expectations were as noted down at the start of the seminar, which included; being inspired to deal with life changes and life’s challenges as well as the acquisition of basic counseling skills; the participants achieved their goal through the knowledge they acquired in the seminar. By the end of the day, they were enabled to discover what they are worth, to build and know how to survive amidst harmless friendships by developing good interpersonal relationships, to develop and protect their self-esteem among others. By training them in counseling, the youngsters were equipped with basic skills to help their peers out of their social life challenges.

“Thanks for the seminar. What I received exceeded my expectation. I did not know I needed to live a purpose driven life before and I am glad I attended this seminar….”, commented one Kato Ivan, a student from Ggaba Mixed High School.

It is interesting to learn how far these youngsters have taken the behavior change campaign. In some of the schools such as Queens’ College Nansana, the Peer educators are making arrangements to meet the entire school and share the message they have acquired through the various seminars they have attended under the Youth to Youth program.

“They requested me to meet them so they can share with me their inspirations from the seminar and even requested the administration to give them audience to address the school…” said Mr. Fred Mukisa, a patron for the Youth to Youth peer educators in Queens’ College Nansana.

It’s our prayer that these students who have been impacted on by our Youth program continue with the same enthusiasm as they reach out to their peers and as they join us in sharing about the love of Jesus with those who do not know Him yet through our dynamic Youth to Youth program.