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A Good MDD Beginning with Eden River church.

The LHM team recently conducted a Music and drama show with members of Eden River Lutheran Church, Kakiika as they concluded their evangelism outreach to Kayunga district. As the villagers retired from their farms and many of  them gathered at Kakiika trading center most probably to have a social time drinking “malwa” (local brew), as it is the norm of the area. The youth had also come to enjoy their leisure time playing football at the Kakiika playground. The trading center which consisted of less than twenty people at noon time became livelier.  Suddenly music started booming as the stage was organized under a mango tree shade within the trading center.  Soon after, the first song ushered the choir on stage as the show began, and people started gathering from every corner of the trading center to see what was taking place.

The music and drama team from Eden River Lutheran Church entertained and evangelized to the audience as they performed under the cool evening breeze. The music and drama group comprised of people of different age groups including teenagers, the elderly and children. Through the songs,  the choir preached  the gospel  as they urged the audience to live godly lives as one of the songs stated  that each person will reap what they sow. Other songs also encouraged people to embrace the word of God and stick to His covenant with them through Jesus Christ.

But most thrilling of them all was the drama which was extracted from one of the Gospels regarding what will happen to the believers and non-believers, when Christ returns. In the play, all people were invited to the wedding, but most of them did not honor the invitation because of the earthly celebrations and enjoyments they were engaged in.  At last their places were taken up by people who originally had not been invited. When the bride and gloom entered, and the door was being shut, those who had dishonored the invitation came begging to enter but it was too late.  Also those who had entered without proper wedding dresses were as well cast out.

This drama portrayed the attitude people of this generation have towards the gospel. They shun the invitation to the gospel in exchange for worldly happiness. But at the last moment, they will not enter eternal life if they do not receive the gospel now. As the drama portrayed, no one will enter the marriage ceremony of our Lord Jesus Christ as He marries off His bride- the church if they do not have the right wedding garment which is righteousness, freely given through faith in Jesus Christ alone.  Also those who reject the invitation to receive the gospel will not enter eternal life.

The Music and drama show perfectly rapped up our outreach to Kayunga generating over a hundred responses and thirty two referrals. This music and drama activity was the first of its kind in the little town of Kakiika and we hope the local congregation will follow up the people who showed interest in joining the church.

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