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Caring for the King’s least of brothers

On our mission to Kamwenge the Congregants with the joint efforts of the outreach team engaged in home visitation in the local community.

In this exercise of love for those regarded least in the community the gospel and the love of Christ were made practical to the families that were reached out to.

In one of the homes, an elderly man who was very ill and in coma for more than two weeks was prayed for and he received Christ for the very first time in his life. This was a typical African Traditional family where people still believed and practiced idol worship. However by the grace of God Mzee Aaron Kaheru who had on several times been pronounced dead believed the words that were told to him and received God’s free gift of salvation.

The other home that was visited was that of Mama Kezia Tibaleka, 70 years of age and a widow. When the team reached Kezia’s home, the women took care of cleaning and tidying the little that was infested with bedbugs. The activities ranged from washing of the clothes including beddings, cleaning of the dishes, smearing of the hut with cow dung and to crown it all the sharing of the message of the gospel.

Mama Kezia who lives alone in a small hut, was over joyed by what was being done in her home as she watched women tidying up her home. “Don’t touch those as they are so dirty”, she suggested, saying the clothes would give the team a hard time to clean and probably infect them. However, the team continued to wash everything even those that had probably never seen a drop of water for years.

As the cleaning was being done, the other members of the team engaged her in the sharing of the gospel message of salvation. Though she was not receptive of the free gift of salvation, yet we believe the act of love exhibited in this holistic ministry must have spoken volumes about this God that was being preached to her.

We did what we have been called to do and we left the rest to God as He alone has the power to change a heart.

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Miyora Congregants on fire for Christ!

Reconciliation back to our God by grace was the message that was preached on our recent mission to Miyora, Kamwenge. This was revealed through the film shows that were conducted in the villages of Miyora, Rwebikwata and Kiyagaara together with the home visitations that were done in some of the homes in Miyora.

In a long while we had not experienced an audience get so captivated by the ‘Jesus’ film as we did with the audience in Kamwenge. It was amazing to hear people clap so hard and cheer so loud at the miracles that were being shown in the film. Members of the Miyora congregation were just on fire for Christ. For the four days we spent in Miyora the congregators did not catch any sleep as their day seemed not to end.

As some of the team members worried about where to sleep and the activities that stretched until late in the night on the other hand the congregants i.e. men, women & children cared little for such conditions as they abandoned their homes to camp at the church all night long engaging in prayer, praise and worship.

The good news was preached to the masses as a whole and also on a one-on-one basis as we witnessed to those who haven’t believed. Responses’ needs were addressed that ranged from spiritual counseling, prayer while others longed to just have a church they can call home…a home church.

One of these was a young man named Emmanuel Mwesigye who joined the local congregation after watching the Jesus film that was shown in Rwebikwata. And after the show he immediately volunteered to take part in the following film shows and the drama as he joyfully joined us in proclaiming the gospel. For all the time we spent in Miyora each day a new member joined the congregation and so far seven people have already been confirmed to have been connected to the congregation.

During one of the film shows a response after watching the ‘Jesus’ film surrendered his pipe & witchcraft to be burnt to ashes after gaining the confidence that Christ is the deliverer. appears in the smoke picture.

By the end of the outreach over 400 people were recorded as responses and seven turned up for worship in the first Sunday service that was conducted after our departure.

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ETS Training First Time in Kamwenge district

For the very first time the LMMU Outreach team traveled to Kamwenge district in western Uganda to conduct a Rural outreach that involved ETS training, film shows and Music and Drama. This joint outreach was carried out in partnership with three Lutheran congregations namely, Emmanuel, Good Shepherd and Trinity Lutheran churches all from Ibanda district. The unified delegation of LMMU staff and four church leaders including the LCMU Vice- President resulted into a mission that shook several areas in Miyora Sub-County.

At the end of March a team of six ministered to the laymen of Miyora Lutheran church as they enlightened believers about evangelism and follow-up and other topics regarding Christian living.  For three nights, the people of Miyora camped at the church-a make-shift shelter with walls made of palm leaves, quenching their thirst for God with sessions of prayer, worship and praise.

The Pastor of the church Mr. Mulembe Godfrey could not help the joy that filled his heart. “This is a miracle’ he said, and we are greatly encouraged”. The participants were challenged to do evangelism and to strengthen the follow-up process of new believers. The workshop registered fifteen volunteers who we hope shall continue reaching out to their community with the gospel message of Christ.

This is one of those missions where LMMU has gladly enjoyed the partnership it shares with the local church as the congregants supported the event with their gifts and talents as well as plenty of food stuffs that were used to feed members of the community that gathered for the various events at the church.  Unlike other workshops, this outreach was characterized with intense prayer for the sick, and all people in their respective need.

Music and Drama Ministry in Miyora.

While in Kamwenge we engaged the participants in a Music and Drama presentation which was staged at Rwebikwato trading center. The presentation served to address the question of double-mindedness among Christians and to point non-believers to the power of the Almighty God.

It was reported by the local church leaders that though most people in the area were born in Christian families, they were not grounded in the Christian faith, and their trust in God was shaky. The so-called Christians may be baptized, frequently attend Sunday worship, but they also engage in idolatry, and witchcraft.

Basing on this background, a drama entitled “Do you understand what you are reading?” derived from Phillip’s encounter with the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8: 28-30 was created. In this drama the actors portrayed a family which claimed to be Christian, but was also practicing witchcraft. In the drama the family returned fully to God after their child’s sickness could not be cured by a witch doctor’s charms, but only by the power of God.

In this drama, people were pointed to God Almighty who should be wholly trusted as they were called upon to trust Him to satisfy all their needs.

During the Music and Drama show, referrals were generated, some of whom had abandoned the faith but were moved to renew their commitment to Christ.

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