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Behavior Change Campaign Expands to Jinja

On April 27, 2013, LHM-Uganda, held the first Peer Education workshop for the schools in Jinja. The One day seminar, which was held  at St. Peter’s High school in Jinja town, saw five schools respond to LMMU’s  call to behavior change among secondary school students with a representative number of 47 students. The schools represented at the workshop included, St. Peter’s High School, Good Heart S.S.S, PMM Girls’ School, Jinja S.S.S, and St. James High school.

Following the objective of the program, the students were equipped with knowledge that is to help them overcome their social life challenges, especially those related to sexual behavior. After the training, many of them were ready to take up the challenge of reaching out to their peers in a behavior change campaign.

Through teachings such as Behavior change, Abstinence, Purposeful living, and Effective communication, the youngsters  were given a wide view to the challenges affecting their peers which inspired them with the passion to champion behavior change in their schools. These will work with LMMU to transform the lives of young people in secondary schools around the nation

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Music Dance and Drama Paralyses Naigobya

On 19th April 2013, LHM Uganda conducted a Music Dance and Drama event in Iganga district, working in partnership with the Naigobya Lutheran church. To further the proclamation of the gospel though Music Dance and Drama, LHM-Uganda engaged the youth of Naigobya Lutheran church to conduct such an event that still lingers on our minds because of the talent and message portrayed though the performances. The MDD event was conducted at Naigobya Trading center, located at about 80 kilometers from Iganga town in Eastern Uganda.

It was such a thrilling moment as the MDD group set the audience on fire, with highly entertaining yet educative pieces. The music dance and drama event paralyzed the trading center as people closed their shops, while others climbed trees to have a clear view of what was happening on stage.

As one of the local medium of communication, the group performed in traditional folk songs and drama which depicted causes of broken marriages. Among the causes highlighted included, drunkenness, unfaithfulness, marital violence, among others. The message in the performances also called the audience to reach out to persons affected with HIV and AIDS. Above all the audience was advised to turn to God as the only solution to every challenge faced in their homes.

The Naigobya MDD experience is one that stood out above all the MDD events that have been conducted over the year. It attracted a crowd of over 400 people out of whom, 140 gave us their contact information for further interaction, 25 were referred and 7 people have already been connected to the local congregation.

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Strengthening Laymen for Personal Evangelism.

As we continue with the Equipping of the Lutheran church members with skills and knowledge to partner with us in evangelism and follow-up of new believers, LHM-Uganda recently conducted an Equipping the Saints workshop in Bugiri district engaging the congregations of Nakavule, Itakaibolu and Iziira. A workshop that lasted three days attracted nineteen laymen who willingly came up to be equipped with more knowledge and skill so as to reach out to the un-churched people of their community using the passion they have to share their faith.

Bugiri district is located in the sub-Busoga region in Eastern Uganda and has a population estimate of over 500,000 people; 70% of whom are Muslims. However, even with such statistics LHM Uganda has penetrated this predominantly Islamic community with the gospel using its culturally diverse programs such as the Lutheran Hour radio program, film shows, Music & Drama and ETS.

As a matter of fact, seven out of every ten calls received on the live radio talk show each week are recorded to come from Bugiri which is a clear indication that the program is widely listened to in this area. It’s no wonder LHM staff could easily be identified by the locals as we were surprised by how they knew us by name. With the help of the radio program three congregations have been established starting with the birth of Nakavule in 2006, followed by Iziira and Itakaibolu.

With the equipping of more church members we hope these laborers who have been sent out will faithfully harvest the wondering souls back to the arms of our Savior.

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