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Strengthening Our Partnership with LCMU

LHM-Uganda hosted the Vice President of LCMU at its offices in Kabalagala last week.  In a meeting with the Ministry Center Director, Rev. Benson Barahuka who is also the Regional Pastor for the South Western region shared a brief narrative report on the impact of the outreach that was recently held in his region in partnership with the Miyora congregation.

Recalling his outreach experience in Miyora, Rev. Benson made us further appreciate the work that was done there as he repeatedly said “people’s lives were changed!”. He shared with us about the wonderful fruits that followed our outreach which included the miraculous birth of a baby boy by one Kyensi a member of Miyora congregation who had been pregnant for more than two years after she had been bewitched.

Rev. Benson also shared his interest to partner with LHM Uganda in coordinating another outreach to his region with a specific focus on equipping and engaging the members of Buremba and Mushambya congregation next month.

We pray and hope that more and more church leaders will come up to share with us such wonderful plans for their regions so that together we can partner in God’s mission.

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Film Showings Win Souls for Christ

Last month, three film shows were conducted at the trading centers of Lubani, Kayiira and Mawaito in Buwenge district, generating 666 responses and 79 referrals. The Film shows reached the unreached as they were conducted in the local settings where the gospel is not well emphasized. Indeed during the film showings, 79 people came forward in need of spiritual help some of whom were Muslims who wished to join the Christian faith. During these events, the sick were prayed for, the lost were found and those without hope were comforted.

According to some of the responses we interacted with during the film shows, LHM-Uganda was the first evangelism group to use such a medium of evangelism in these places. We still wait on the Holy Spirit to continue guiding those who received the gospel message, especially those who received the gift of salvation by believing in Jesus Christ for the very first time.

a cross section of the crowd during the film at kayiira

Addressing Youth Challenges through Music and Drama Evangelism

At a small village town in Kayiira, is where the new Kayiira Lutheran church is located, at approximately 10 kilometers from Buwenge town. Kayiira Lutheran church recently partnered with Lutheran Media Ministry Uganda in a Music and drama show which aimed at reaching out to the un-reached and the lost in the area, thus enriching the young Lutheran church with new believers.

The drama which was acted by the youth, addressed the issue of school dropouts focusing on peer pressure as the main cause and the consequences of dropping out of school. The drama moved the responses touching both parents and children as it portrayed the struggle of raising school tuition and how this toil can be futile if the child chooses not to honor their education.

The Youth were not only engaged in the Music & Drama ministry but also participated in the generation of referrals as they inspired their peers to treasure the education they are being given and to heed to their parents’ advice.

Kayiira Lutheran church choir is composed of a few teenagers and children, whose passion for music captured the ministry’s attention two years ago, when the kids participated in the MDD gala in Jinja District. This time round, the Ministry Center worked with the Kayiira church choir to evangelize in several places in Buwenge district which included Kayiira, and Mawaito parishes.

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