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Sharing the Passover Lamb In Kiruhura District.

“In all the film shows ever conducted in this place, none of them matches yours, said Mrs. Karekyezi Jacqueline after watching the” Ten Commandments Film at Buremba trading Center.  Whereas the film was ranked by many as the best ever watched in their area, the purpose of showing gospel films in Kiruhuura district was not to compete with others but to touch the hearts of those who have not yet believed, the lost and un-churched.

Beyond such a comment, a greater purpose was fulfilled: the lost came to faith and the weary received a new hope to walk a Christian walk of faith without fainting.  The film had many lessons to learn, right from the amazing plan of God to rescue the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, His divine appointment of Moses, and the miraculous wonders performed by His mighty power. But most of all was the Blood of the Lamb saving the Israelites at the Passover night, which is now the Blood of Jesus that saves sinners from death. By explaining all these aspects, the film opened the eyes of the responses and hundreds of them were brought to faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior.

Perhaps, Mrs. Karekyezi was right to rank our film the “best” ever shown in the area. After all, what other film could show a sinner the way to heaven? And what on earth is better than receiving the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ?  And in all the three places i.e. Bwiizi, Buremba and Kyabahuura trading centers, souls were saved, and God added unto the church those who were being saved, bringing us all in one body of the Passover lamb.

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ETS Reviving Congregations

Once again the light shone on the hill of Bwiizi as hope for the glorious future of St. Peter’s Lutheran church was reborn.  The Lutheran church was planted 8 years ago, but has been upheld by a few congregants amidst a challenge of declining membership.

For three days, the few members of the church camped at the church as LHM-Uganda staff trained them in evangelism and follow-up. The workshop rekindled the fire to reach out to those who are lost and the un-churched. Through the training, members of the church came to study the factors that could have led to its membership status and put forward strategies through which they will revive their congregation. Among these strategies include door-to-door evangelism, following up on members who had left the congregation, and putting in place programs that will engage new believers such as bible studies, fellowships, and music and drama.

The workshop also attended by some members from Kazo-II Lutheran Church a neighboring congregation. St Peter’s Lutheran church is Located in Kiruhura district in Western Uganda.


Reaching out to Young people.

LMMU runs a youth programs that focuses on behavior change, a campaign exclusively led by the youngsters in secondary schools who advocate for positive and responsible living using the Peer education approach.

In just the past few months the program has been extended to over thirty one schools located in Kampala, Wakiso and Jinja. Here young people have been equipped with knowledge & skills which are essential in influencing behavior change among their peers.

Through this program young people have also been counseled and holistically restored in handling and dealing with social challenges and dangers such as Sex and Sexuality, alcohol & drug abuse, Pop Culture, Pornography, Homosexuality, Satanism among others.

Behavior change sessions and peer-educations seminars are also organized by the Ministry center where young people are counseled and awakened to the reality of focusing on the future that lies ahead of them while living a godly life.

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Laymen interpret the times- Kainogoga Rural Outreach.

Laymen from Kainogoga Lutheran Church were blessed to have an ETS workshop conducted at their church, last week. Despite being a sowing season, the locals abandoned their gardens to attend a three days ETS seminar that was conducted at Kainogoga Lutheran church. Just like they are able to interpret the appearance of the sky so were they able to understand the Savior’s call to proclaim the gospel to all nations. As a result twenty seven members were trained and recruited as LHM Volunteers.

With the ETS seminar, the number of the ETS graduates in Kainogoga Lutheran church increased from two to twenty seven. This is a big boost in terms of nurturing an evangelism team that will further the spreading of the gospel message of Jesus Christ in Kainogoga and the neighboring areas.

Film showings were also conducted at Kainogoga village, Namulesa Trading center and Musima trading center. Christian films were used to proclaim the gospel message to all people as they were pointed to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Many people were strengthened in the faith while others came to faith in Jesus Christ for the very first time. We thank God for all the souls that were touched during the Film shows and we trust that together with the ETS trainees, the new converts will be followed up, welcomed into the church, and nurtured in the faith.

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