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ETS graduates open up new congregation

Seven months after the sowing of the gospel, abundant fruit has been harvested. On April 12th 2013, when LHM conducted a rural film show at Nankoma trading center in Bugiri, what was left is to only have faith that the seed of the gospel that had been sown would grow. Of course not all the seeds we sowed grew to bear such wonderful fruits, because of the many obstacles that stand in the way of new believers. But with Nankoma, the story is different, the lost were not only converted, but also a new congregation was started.

Nankoma Lutheran church was born out of the film Shows and is now seven months old. The young church is located at Nankoma Trading center about four kilometers between Nakaule and Itakaibolu Lutheran congregations. The congregation has been supported by our ETS graduates from Itakaibolu Lutheran church who have committed to visiting the new congregants, praying with them and even fellowshipping with them on Sundays. Mr. Samanya Godfrey from Itakaibolu leads the team of volunteers who have continued to uphold this new congregation through the evangelism that is being done during home visits and follow-up.

We thank God for these developments that have taken shape out of LMMU’s programs and activities. This new congregation probably would not have stood if a film show had not been taken to Bugiri.

The spiritual fire gets rekindled at Buhasaba.

Like any other journey, on this salvation journey we tend to wear out due to different life experiences; sometimes we end up forgetting our purposes on earth. Therefore, encouraging and revival messages have to be shared if we are to all reach the purposed destination. This was evident with Buhasaba members and through the sharing of different topics about evangelism; their eyes were opened up in relation to the great commission, which spells out one of the major purposes for believers.
Members got to know that this era is so much favorable for them to preach the gospel compared to the era of the apostles who went through hardships, tribulations and persecution yet still continued to preach the gospel to the extent of death. At the end of the session we received remarks like;

‘By the Grace of God I have to reach out to all in this village because I will not have any excuse to give when I reach heaven and find the Apostle Paul who despite all hardships had to preach the gospel and also open up all those churches’.
Wow, we glorify God for the spiritual flames fanned up.