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More Than a Total Makeover!

It is two weeks now since the renovation exercise started at Lutheran Hour Ministries-Uganda. The exercise covered the main office building, the conference hall, and the stores. The Ministry Center offices that have always been painted white for over 15 years, have now been transformed to a totally new look. Painted with yellowish-green, purple, and other beautiful and bright colors, the office now not only looks beautiful, but also smells new inside and out.
The project which was initially regarded as just renovation turned out to accomplish much more than what was expected. Beyond the scrubbing of the walls, the dirty clothes, scratched hands and the paint-sprinkled overalls and even the beautified office walls, lies greater and more realistic beauty the project brought about; the beauty of brethren dwelling together in love. The two teams prayed together, sung together, ate and played together as we ministered to those who have not yet heard or put their trust in Christ the savior of the whole world. We have so much bonded with the volunteers’ team, establishing a love relationship that will forever last in our hearts. The team from Immanuel Lutheran Church Waterloo has been such a blessing to us and the entire Ministry.
The day the team arrived at the Ministry Center was full of anxiety, and smiles, but as if we had known each other for a long time, their departure was full of silence and tears as we painfully bid them farewell. Their spirit of tireless service, reaching out in love and resilience through it all, are such wonderful attributes that have transformed us for real. We thank God for Immanuel Lutheran Church, Waterloo for sending such a wonderful team to Uganda and we look forward to our future partnerships as we work on the plentiful harvest that lies ahead of us. To God be the Glory!

Ministry Center gets new Look!

Today something new began at Lutheran Media Ministry Uganda!
A team of eight volunteers from Immanuel Lutheran church-Waterloo finally arrived at the Ministry Center this morning and amazingly ready to work after a long trip to Africa. The team arrived at around midnight and after a few hours of rest they were ready to start on the renovation exercise at the Ministry Center office.
It’s been a busy joyful day as the two teams (i.e. the Ministry Center staff and the volunteers) got to know one another right from the morning devotion, through to the orientation about the Ministry center and chatting their way through the afternoon while renovating the Ministry conference hall and store rooms.
The work has begun quite well with unbelievable energies and enthusiasm. And just by one moment of three hours touch, you can tell the difference on the sand-scrapped walls, shelves, and fillings on the walls that had been broken. Day after day, the center will look beautifully different. The process has only just begun!

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