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Puppet VBS Changes Lives In Ikumbya

“The cross in my area is a sign of victory, to those who believe in Christ and the children who received the crosses are now perceived as the victorious children” said Bameka Emmanuel amidst smiles. Bameka is an elder in the local congregation and a Director of Studies at Martin Luther Infant and orphanage Care Center. He recently visited our offices to convey his appreciation to the Ministry but most of all to the Volunteer team from Waterloo, USA, for ministering to the children at the school. In his remarks he said “the gifts presented to the children were very admirable and they filled the children with joy and happiness, let alone the bible study which made a great impact on not only to the children but also their parents.” “Up to this day,” he said “you still find the little one imitating the puppets during their play time.”
On Jan 20th 2014 the volunteer team from Immanuel Lutheran Church in Waterloo, Illinoi conducted a VBS involving a puppet show however, much as it seemed like they had preached to only 240 children who were present, this is just far from the fact. It is reported that the children who gathered at the school to hear the gospel being preached through the story on Jonan, came from at least 100 families scattered across the villages of Ikumya, Bunafu-1 & 2, Nsambya, and Buwutu.
“The Children were inspired to love God more and to engage in Sunday school”. Parents too were inspired to bring and keep their children in the school, which seamlessly fits in Mr. Bameka’s vision of establishing the strongest nursery school in the area.
The two-hour ministry outreach still lingers on the minds of the people of Ikumbya, and their prayer is that, the team may come once more with more teachings for the children. And that a partnership with the team be established for future ministry purposes.

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