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Local Towns go Still as LHM-Uganda Addresses Family Issues in Drama.

“This is a great teaching that I will share with my children”, Namazzi Justine commented as the MDD show ended. Namazzi is one of the responses that were generated during the Drama presentation at Nabitende trading center in Iganga district. The drama which was acted hilariously set the crowd on fire as the youth from Christ Community Lutheran church-Kaweete glorified God through their talent. Evangelical songs set the stage before the drama captivated the audience, sealing off the event on an uproarious moment. The play which comprised amazing scenes of family violence, police arrest hooliganism, witchcraft, and prayer among others did not only entertain but also educated hundreds of people as performances were held in the trading centers of Kawette, Nabitende and Namungalwe in Iganga district.
The drama reflected the challenges dysfunctional families suffer especially when the father does not play his role of leadership and godliness. In the drama a man who had deserted his faith and was now hindering the prayerfulness of his wife finds his behavior affecting his one and only son. The son ends up joining a group of thieve and then arrested by the police and jailed for stealing a neighbor’s goat and selling the family’s household chattels which he was losing to gambling.
This dramatic story was an advice to people of different categories: it encouraged young people to live a godly life, parents to guide their children, and called all the listeners to turn their eyes to Jesus for guidance in their families. In a chat with some of the students, who stopped to watch the drama on their way home from school, Nabitende Aisha a student of Kiguli College said, “It is important to avoid bad groups because being imprisoned is very destructive to a young person’s life”. Inspired by the performances, some of the responses such as Mbwaali Eseza of Namungalwe and Mudhoola Sanon of Nabitende requested to join the music and Drama Ministry.
We can’t thank enough the Drama group from Christ Community Lutheran Church for the commitment to ministering in such a wonderful way, even as we pray that this partnership continues as we reach out to God’s people in Iganga and beyond.

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Last week as we conducted the Youth program in two Schools in Kamuli we were amazed at the overwhelming turn up for the peer education session at the launch of the behavior change campaign in Kamuli district. A multitude of over 755 students turned up for the behavior change seminars conducted in only two days at Kamuli College and Kamuli Progressive College. The two schools comprise rural students some of whom are teenage mothers and fathers, while others are under the care of their boyfriends and girlfriends. According to Mr. Cornelius, a teacher at Kamuli Progressive School, most of the students have no vision, no role models to look up to in their local communities. These coupled with economic pressures, these youngsters are easily lured into dropping out of school and eloping with local business men including Boda-boda cyclists. Students who are faced with such challenges as early marriage, pornography, homosexuality, rejection, among others, saw a light at the end of the tunnel, as the LHM-Uganda staff guided them with teachings such as purposeful living, abstinence, Teen-dating and the causes & dangers of homosexuality.
Another Youth outreach was held at Nakinyuguzi Secondary School in Kampala where two classes were counseled about the dangers of homosexuality, generating 40 responses.
Outreach to the Youth has been a life-changing experience in our ministry considering the impact it has had on young people as reported in the confessions of some of the troubled students.
One Hasifa a senior-three student commented “if only I had a mother to counsel and guide, I guess I wouldn’t have made such mistakes in life.”
One Sharon as senior-four student confessed “I was sent away from home the moment my parents got to know I had a boyfriend but fortunately my boyfriend agreed to take care of me. However I am challenged in discerning whether it is right for me to live with my boyfriend since he is the one providing for me in everything”.
These and so much more came through as students were helped to reconsider their behavior and decided to choose studies instead of the petty cash they are offered, to choose life instead of death which comes through risky behaviors such as early sex. Students’ needs are still outstanding ranging from emotional hurts, sexual abuses, economic hardships, negative societal influences among others. It is our prayer that God continues to entrust us with His mysteries as we reach out to young people.

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