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Another youth seminar was held at Nakabango Lutheran church in Jinja. This was the first workshop in which LHM Uganda hosted general members of the community including those who are not in school. Sixty seven youths attended the workshop, where they were trained in peer education basing on the challenges affecting the youth in communities namely, early sex, sexual abuse, homosexuality and Living dream oriented life.
LHM-Uganda used the core topics regarding these challenges to address students who attentively listened and asked also questions. To most of the youths, it was a life-changing experience, as they received earnest guidance they cannot find elsewhere. Youths appreciated the Ministry Center for the great work and pledged to share what they learnt with their neighbors and friends.
We are grateful to the volunteers who put an effort in making the workshops a success by mobilizing youths and attending the workshop.

LHM-Uganda Imparts Good Behavior in Youths In Kayunga

Last week, the Ministry visited Ndeeba Secondary School and Green vine College in Kayunga in its behavior change campaign program. Two seminars were held in the two schools aiming at transforming students’ lives by impacting behavior change and turning them into peer educators in the behavior change campaign. Besides this being the first Youth event in the district, the two days had many joys to share and accomplishments-
Speaking with the Head teacher of Ndeeba Secondary school, Mrs. Kabogoza, she said, “The service you’ve rendered is very beneficial to the school, in fact you help us to shape their behavior” While educating students about Sex-abstinence, Purposeful Living and the causes/dangers of homosexuality, the students’ eyes were opened to the realities they are living in and started to consider their future carefully. For instance one Sejjuru Geoffrey, while sharing about what he learnt from the seminar said, “One has to have a certain goal in life and use their God-given abilities and potential in order to excel”. Nkurunziza Peter also had this to say: “I have learnt that God created us differently but all of us were made wonderfully and are meant to do good”
When the facilitators unfolded the dangers of homosexuality, the students were surprised, almost shocked at how dangerous the vice can be. Students were grateful to LHM for freely offering such great guidance and pledged to put what they learnt into practice.

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Hundreds Evangelized in Masindi During Film Shows.

Establishing its stronghold at Kilyampunu, LHM-Uganda then spread its wings to various corners of the area penetrating deeper with the gospel. While much of the way was spent engaging the church laymen in door to door evangelism, the nights were utilized to proclaim to the gospel to hundreds we could not reach except with the mass media approach. Three film shows were conducted at Kilyampunu, Kigezi and Kijambura trading centers. At all three centers the ‘Jesus’ film was screened in the public arena where people of all kinds watched the film reaching over 500 people.
As a result of the film shows, Lutheran congregations were empowered with referrals and connections, as the lost received the free gift of salvation as many were referred to the church. We thank God for such a good harvest as we continue to pray that His grace sustains them in the church.


Door To Door Ministry Brings The Lost To Christ.

Congregating under a tree shade behind Kilyampunu center, about 20-30 Lutherans fellowship every Sunday, reports Adam Tusiime, a volunteer worship leader at the congregation. This attendance has been consistent ever since LHM reawakened the members of the congregation and encouraged them to stand firm and sustain the congregation through fellowship and evangelism. Seeing the need of the gospel in Kilyampunu and how unreached the people of this area are, LHM Uganda was compelled to do something new.
Last week, LHM Uganda staff for three days camped at Kilyampunu engaging Lutheran church laymen in door to door evangelism. These braved the scotching heat walking in the neighborhood; bringing the good news of salvation to the households of this humble village. As doors were opened for the team to come in, hearts were also melted unto the saving grace of our Savior. By the end of the exercise, 27 people were reached as 21 believed on Jesus Christ as their Savior.
As we conducted this door to door evangelism we realized that people had heard about Christ however they did not have a personal relationship with him, and therefore no clue about their eternal destiny. For instance Mr. Valeriano confessed to have been a catholic ever since he was baptized as a child, but for 87 years of faithful Catholicism, he did not know his destiny the moment he dies. When he was asked about eternal life he replied, “I do not know. Only Jesus Christ knows where I will go”.
Most of the homes visited in this exercise received the gospel gladly as if they had been waiting for this opportunity. Nevertheless others rejected the gospel, but we believe that the word we proclaimed to them will do something good in their hearts and lives as we count on the Holy Spirit to bears to fruit the seeds of evangelism we sowed. Amen!

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