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Emotions surround a film show!

It is a few minutes past Midnight as we return from Miyora hill where the Jesus film has just been concluded at one of the local Lutheran congregations. First, we are still amazed at how much patience and love for the gospel the crowd had as they waited in the still of the night for the film to end. Many were brought to faith by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Miyora- Kamwenge being in the highest hills in the western plateau of Uganda, it is usually chilly during the night. Dew falls on the earth’s surface, soaking it to coldness. And there they were, sitting still on the wet ground, following the film word by word. “Kyaali, Mawwe, are some of the local dialect gestures that filled the evening as people emotionally watched what our Savior had to endure to save sinful mankind. The Jesus film which was the first activity on the rural outreach agenda was welcomed with open arms as responses waited patiently until the end. In such a remote village where everything goes still and dark in the night, most people do not experience this chill so often, except for a few of them such as the drunkards, the sorcerers and of course us who are ready to proclaim the gospel to the ends of the earth. We met some of the drunkards after midnight as we retired from the film venues but it’s a pity they had missed out on the gospel, however, the following day most of them gathered at Rwebikwato Trading center, where we also showed a film.

Drunkenness and sorcery are some of the signs that stood out for the great need for the gospel in this humble neighborhood. As we interacted with the congregations during the film shows we could not avoid but notice these two factors as they often surfaced in the prayer petitions that were presented. Preaching in this area gave us the confidence that we were reaching out to the unbelieving world with the saving gospel and love of our Lord to those who haven’t come to put their trust in Him. Working with the church volunteers we hope that many of the referrals generated will be closely followed up so they can come to communion with our God. Amen!