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Music and Drama Outreach Rocks Angetta, Bring Many to Christ.

In the Lutheran Hymn “Hark the Voice of Jesus Calling”, the writer says, if you cannot speak like angels or preach like Paul, you can simply tell the love of Jesus by saying, “He died for all”. The hymn gives many ways in which the gospel can be disseminated to the dying multitudes-dying in spirit because of lack of salvation. It concludes saying no one should idly say, “There is nothing I can do”, when the multitudes are dying… In the same view with the hymn writer and in accordance to the great commission of our Lord, LMMU worked with the group of youths from Angetta Lutheran church to proclaim the gospel to the masses through music and drama- another evangelism alternative, the hymn writer probably forgot to fix in one of the sentences.
The First MDD/Film event took place at Ariamet trading center, in a people who badly needed the gospel. These could not have left their drinking joints if it wasn’t for the drama that thrilled them. At this center many of the people were Muslims who were not happy with the way the gospel stormed their village at a time when they were preparing for Ramadan. Though most of them refused to open up to a relationship with the Ministry team, yet we believe the Holy Spirit melted their hearts as they watched the drama and there after the Jesus Film. A better event took place at Angetta trading center where hundreds of people came and received the gospel.
During these events the Holy Spirit convicted people of sin and judgment and brought them to faith .Mr. Okol John, one of the responses observed during the drama, “We have to change our ways, and if you see me going astray please guide me”. Another Okello Tonny also exclaimed, “Who else can give his life for us, it is only Christ who has redeemed us”. These comments came in appreciation of the drama entitled ‘He walked in My Shoes’ which was based on Romans 5:8.
While the team traveled close to 800 Kilometers into the north, the driver asked “why do you have to move such a long distance just to preach? Aren’t there people close to you who need the gospel?” Such a question would challenge those who have not made a lot of sense in Jesus’ statement, “Therefore go into all nations…” But as people testified about how their lives were changed during these events, no one could wonder anymore why we had to suffer the long distance travel, because it became clearer that the great commission of Jesus Christ was being fulfilled.

Music and Drama at Angetta

Music and Drama at Angetta

Music and Drama at Angetta

Music and Drama at Angetta

LMMU-LCMU break fresh ground!

June 2014 was a month marked with quite a number of new experiences and among them was a joint outreach LMMU conducted at Manafa district in partnership with the Lutheran Church Mission in Uganda.
On June 10th, 2014 the two teams headed out to the hills of Bugisu land, popularly known for its circumcision dance – the Ibalu and the Kamalewa-stew (made from wild Bamboo stem).
The outreach focused on sharing the love of Christ using the complete truth found in God’s word with those who haven’t believed.
Meeting with the two groups of new converts in the remote villages of Bubulo and Bukiboli located in Manafa district, the LCMU delegation led by Rev. Charles Bameka took on teachings about the significance of Pentecost in the proclamation of the gospel in different languages as they also dedicated time to answering questions regarding Lutheranism, Baptism, Holy Communion, the Sabbath, and casting out of demons among others.
As the LCMU team conducted teachings, the LMMU outreach team also took turn in doing what we know how to do best and that was proclamation of the gospel using mass-media.
Two film shows were conducted on June 10th and 11th at Bukiboli and Bubulo respectively generating over 300 responses and 45 connections.
Mbale, Manafa, and Siroko are some of the virgin areas that we hope to explore together with the church during our proclamation of the gospel with major efforts being concentrated on church opening in some of these communities.
The LCMU President offered copies of Luther’s small catechism to the two groups that were visited and their Lay leaders were also offered the opportunity to enroll in the on-going leadership class in Busia district.
We pray that God will continue to inspire Rev.Bwire Nicholas the Pastor of the far Eastern region as he works on engulfing the meeting groups in Bubulo and Bukiboli communities under the care of the Lutheran Church!
Here is an extract from the messages we recorded from our hosts in Bubulo and Bukiboli;
“LMMU, it is God who has brought you and given you this place for Ministry. I also want to thank you for making the believers understand their responsibilities in preaching the gospel to those who are lost and I request that more visits should be made in order to strengthen our friendship and follow-up in evangelism.” said Mr.Godfrey Bwayo as he affirmed his gratitude and opened his meeting group for a new partnership.

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