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Fundraising Ignites Passion for Evangelism

Everyone came back with a story after the fundraising activity that the Ministry Center staff launched recently. This time round all staff engaged in the sale of merchandise as we moved around the neighboring centers asking members of the general public to buy and support the Ministry with their personal donations. During the exercise, many things happened and as we came together at the end of the day to review the days activities;the various staffs’ experiences formed such an amazing story that had everyone laughing tears.
The gist of the activity was “Bringing Christ to the Nations and the Nations to the Church” which of course is our Ministry Mission statement. Clearly, printed on the brochures, shirts, stickers, envelopes, displayed in the image of the Ministry logo in form of a cross; little did we know that this same cross would be such a hindrance for us especially with non-believers. In fact, to some of them the cross was like a repellant force driving them away from us as they commented, “please, please, please, I do not want to look at your cross! While others made their point clear by saying “If I give you any support, it means that I am supporting the cross and yet my religion is against it.” Another person said “If you have come for the cause of the gospel, kindly takes your Jesus somewhere else” Through their comments, it became clear that their donations could go for anything else apart from the message of the cross.
These statements and worse more, were very discouraging and for the Jesus fanatics, an insult. Through the dusty paths and roads under the July scotching sun, staffs returned carrying a heavy weight on their shoulders. Seeing how people were opposed to the cross made the burden to preach the gospel a fresh wound. The pain of knowing that their souls are doomed to perish came alive in our hearts. Though the message of the cross was foolishness to them, yet it was so sad to know that it is the only way to their salvation.
A part from the cross there were people we came cross who had so much, well, at least enough to pick some of it and give in support of the gospel, to our disappointment, they had stored up so much for themselves but not rich towards God. For instance one business woman we found in a tools shop; she had just been paid a large sum of money that she was finding difficulty to count, yet when we approached her she said “you are looking for money to support the proclamation of the gospel, well, everyone is looking for money yet we can hardly find a dime. And here you are in my shop asking for free money!”
Amazingly those who had come to buy from her were very receptive and generously gave in support of the Ministry as they cheerfully bought our merchandise.
Moving on to other people, both Christian and non-Christians, the response was positive. “I do not belong to your religion, they said, but nevertheless, I will support you” They said. We saw the kindness of God as many of them joyfully donated their money to support the gospel.
For those who rejected us due to the cross we still pray for the grace of God to touch them. To those who received us with a joyful heart, it is such a comfort that someone out there cares for a lost soul. Onward we still go, knowing that the grace of God is still enough for the lost to turn from their ways to Christ’s open arms that are still waiting to welcome them home; as we reach at least one more soul.