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Lutheran Churches In Jinja Refreshed With Evangelism Training

After a period of about one year, Jinja district once again had an opportunity to have its church laymen train in evangelism and follow-up. This was done in an Equipping The Saints seminar presented by LMMU at Nakabango Lutheran church, in which 18 laymen were trained to reach out to their communities with the love of Christ. Three congregations were represented in the workshop and these were Nakabango, Kainhogoga and Butangala Lutheran congregations.

Using modules such as Evangelism, Why Personal Evangelism, Hospitality and Friendship in the church and follow-up, the participants were reminded of the great commission, and also awakened to their personal responsibility of sharing the Good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In his speech, Mr. Waako Tony Bosco, the Vice Chairman of Messiah Lutheran church Nakabango thanked the Ministry Center for such a program, which he termed as “very beneficial to the life of his congregation”. Mr. Muwombi Julius the worship leader of Kainhogoga Lutheran church also commended the work done by LHM-Uganda and attributed significant growth of his congregation to the ETS training which was held at his church last year.

Through this ETS, LHM-Uganda shared its vision and called for better partnership with the congregations. We look forward to an increased volunteer support from the ETS graduates as they implement various programs such as visitation and follow-up of the referrals made to the Lutheran church, especially the congregations which participated in the workshop.


One Night With Jesus in ‘Kisenego’ Slum.

It is evening time, and many locals have gathered in groups for different reasons, though some are just hanging around seeking to find a way of winding up their day. A few groups of young people surround a pool table, another plays the dice as they sip their tots of Waraji – a local crude alcohol. These groups distinctively contrast the elderly aged, who, as if dodging to mix-up with the youngsters, hedge themselves in the opposite side, enjoying the local brew without caring about how their children and grandchildren are abusing alcohol just across their meeting place. Several other people are looking on, perhaps waiting for a generous heart to invite them for a drink. Music is playing in the bars, and though it is threatening to rain, the residents of ‘Kisenego’ do not seem to be bothered at all. Children are playing in the mud, shops which are actually small food stalls and small lock-ups are selling- business is going on normally.
This is what life is like in Kesenego slum! Drunkenness and indolence characterize the day, and this often worsens in the night, reported the residents.
But this one night was different. At such an opportune time, the Ministry center’s outreach team arrived in Kisenego, a slum located in Kawuku a Kampala suburb, where we staged the ‘Jesus film’. The sound of the film overshadowed all noise in this area, drawing many from their joints to watch the film.
In such a community characterized by physical and spiritual hunger, the ministry fed the souls with heavenly bread- the word of God, and showed them the way to salvation. The sick were encouraged and comforted in prayer, the lost were shown direction. A new relationship was started with eighty six people who responded to the film show, six were introduced to the Bible course and one new believer was connected to the church.
To a soul who just found a way to heaven and for a wounded spirit that was mended; for us who share in the joys of salvation, and perhaps for those on whose minds still linger the message that was preached on that evening, that was a night we shall always remember.