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Behaviour Change Campaign extends to Bombo Army Barracks!

Teachers are struggling everywhere to mold their students into responsible citizens, able to excel in academics, and bring them honor. The battle rages on in every Secondary school, as teachers try their best options by providing counseling and career guidance to students in addition to the academic syllabus. However, one challenge remains outstanding and is quite a power to reckon with- the challenge of teenage sexual demands. Schools are familiar with sexual challenges such as early pregnancies and their consequences, school dropouts, and STD infections.

The month of October, the LMMU team set out to Bombo for sessions where they intended to address young people’s social challenges that included those mentioned above. Standard High School and Bombo Army Secondary School were the schools reached out to as the team addressed them in Purposeful Living and Teen-Dating.  “You have laid a big burden off my shoulders- my students needed this message”, said the Counseling and guidance’s Teacher of Bombo Army Secondary school.

On this outreach, students were given an opportunity to ask questions and be guided in the interactive sessions that the team held at the two schools. Students were urged to exercise self-control, honor God with their bodies, and be conscious about their future. They were also urged to take the opportunities given to them seriously such as the opportunity to education, availability of caring counselors and teachers ready to offer them guidance which are essential not only for their academic excellence but also in living responsibly.

The Behavior Change program was received whole-heartedly in the schools, and it also opened up an opportunity for continued future ministry, as the schools’ administrations requested to have regular sessions conducted at the two schools. Below are some of the messages we have been receiving via facebook from the time the program was conducted;

Conversation between Kabega Nelson and Lutheran Media Ministry-Uganda

Kabega Nelson

2:02pm Oct 28

Thank You (Luther Media Minirtry) For All What U Have Done For The Nation, the Advise U Give Us Among Others B’se Me Since The Time U Came To Our School {Bombo Army}, Now My Memories Went Back To Studies And I Donot Mind About The Person Called “LOVE” (Sexual Love) I am Waiting For My Turn.

Twesigye Steven

October 24 at 6:11am

Standard High School Ndejje enjoyed ur ministry exclusively. Thx be blessed.

The Lowly and Weary, Comforted at Katwe-Two Church zone!

“I ran away from home because my family wanted me to join them in idol worship, Life has been difficult here and as a result I had resorted to drinking to forget my troubles”- said William, who was part of the crowd that gathered for the film show at Katwe –two Church zone. He shared with the team his special needs that ranged from spiritual to emotional and physical just like the other responses that turned up for the show.
Katwe is located one KM from the City center and it is home to some of the big slums in Kampala that inhabit all kinds of people especially street and market vendors, beggars and prostitutes. No wonder the majority of the people that turned up for the film show were Karamojongs, from Karamoja region who constitute the biggest percentage of street beggars in Kampala. Though unable to speak the native language fluently, one could easily tell they were touched by the gospel message as they showed mixed emotions which included clapping at the performance of miracles and sobbing at the crucifixion of the Savior. Not to mention that many also asked to be prayed for as they presented their varied prayer petitions.
The film show experience at Katwe-two church zone showed how God reaches out seeking the lowly and bringing hope to those who have lost it. Maria, one of the street girls from Karamoja is one of such young people that found solace in the love of God during the film event. Like many of the youth the film show was a brief happy moment, after which they would fold back on the street. Maria’s prayer request was that God would provide her with shelter and protection. “I have no home and no relatives, she said “and I no longer go to church because Kampala City Council keeps chasing and arresting us”. All the time I am on the run.
LHM-Uganda team embraced this opportunity to minister to them through prayer and counseling as some of them shared their life experiences. “I believe I have been surviving on the prayers my late mother used to say for me, but now, I want to belong to God”, said William. Many of the responses had life challenges. They were without hope and weary; as others sipped through sachets of crude alcohol as they watched the film to the end; and that is where God found them. They received the gift of salvation, and guided by the Holy Spirit, they generously gave from their meager resources in support of the local ministry.

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Igniting a Fire for Evangelism

Recently, LHM-Uganda conducted an outreach in Busia which involved ETS, film shows, and Music and Drama performances. For close to three days, LMMU camped at Hukemo, a trading center located 25 kilometers from Busia town where they equipped church Laymen with adequate skills and a passion to share their faith and welcome new believers to the church. During the seminar participants from three Lutheran congregations i.e. Buhasaba, Nalwire and Bwakama in Busia were trained in evangelism and follow-up.
Focusing on the prize that awaits all diligent and faithful servants in God’s vineyard, and knowing the wrath of God that will befall those who will not believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, participants were urged to take personal evangelism more seriously than ever before. For it is only by believers’ sympathy for the lost and personal outreach to the lost, that the gospel will reach all the corners of the world so everyone can hear.
ETS seminars, whose teachings center on LHM modules which include ‘Why Evangelize?’, ‘Hospitality’, ‘Evangelism and follow-up’, among others, inspired participants and ignited a fire in their hearts to preach the gospel in their communities. With the kind of zeal the trainees left the seminar, and with continued unity and encouragement we hope the proclamation of the gospel will go to another level in Lutheran congregations in Busia.

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Redeemed and free!
Film showings and an MDD presentation in Hukemo area also played a big part in the spreading of the gospel. The events provided a golden opportunity to speak with the responses one-one regarding the state of their heart in relation to Jesus Christ as the Savior.
During this session God set the captives free and those who were bound in disbelief were touched by the grace of God as the Holy Spirit convicted them of their sins. Many received the gift of salvation, and began their Christian journey. A journey we are confident will lead them to eternal life because they have been redeemed and they are now free.

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