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Rural Communities drawn to the gospel through MDD & Film show Outreach.

At approximately 35 Kilometers from Kamuli town, in Eastern Uganda is Namwendwa Sub County the home of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church which was planted four years ago. Having been planted in a ripe area for evangelism where many people are unreached, the young congregation has found it easy to open up more preaching stations in the neighborhood. It has so far opened up one at Kyeya and Makoka and plans are under way to open up one at Namwendwa Trading Center.
Last month LMMU extended its ministry to Namwendwa and evangelized the two communities through Music, Drama and film showings. A Puppet shows were also presented to crowds that were hungry for the gospel. The puppet shows which were acted by LMMU staff and Volunteers reminded the viewers that they are all mandated to preach the gospel. They emphasized that preaching the gospel requires no special skill or talent but only necessitates two things i.e. just to go and tell! The children of Good Shepherd Lutheran church also evangelized in songs and a skit which largely communicated Jesus as the Son of God and the Savior, who died for the sin of the world and rose from the dead.
The puppets were such a new and exciting medium of proclamation that attracted all kinds of people, as many were thrilled and thus drawn to the gospel that was being preached.

Rural Film Shows
On the same outreach two Film shows were also held at Kyeeya and Namwendwa trading centers. The events played a big role in making the new congregation get known as they attracted hundreds to salvation and the church. The team used the opportunity to share with the new believers the love of Christ as they administered counseling and prayer to those who were in need. Through this outreach alone over 500 responses were generated and 70 new believers were referred to the church.