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Changing Lives with a Set of Questions.

When you hear about marking and grading BCC, you may think it is all about finding the right or wrong answers to a set of questions and then award marks thereafter. But amazingly it is much more than that. It is a discovery of how God’s grace keeps changing young people’s lives, as they learn the absolute truth that can only be found in God’s word. Perhaps you are not surprised at this if you know the power in God’s word, but you will certainly be filled with joy for the tremendous impact it has had on Bible Course responses as we share with you their wonderful stories:

I thank you for bringing this course to me because it has helped me to grow in Christ and to know him better than I knew him in the past. I thank you because I know what I am now in Christ. Due to the enlightenment I have received through the Bible Course. I have made a choice to worship my God as it is sin to worship other gods. From now on, I will serve the Lord who has shown me that He is my father and I His child.

“Because of this course, I have been renewed and I have not remained the same. Now I know the work of the Holy Spirit, Jesus the Son and God the Father, and I have got the reason to tell others about Jesus. I can do this because I know the power that strengthens me-the Holy Spirit. This course has helped me to know how much God loves and cares for us. May God the Father who is now my father bless and shower down on you His heavenly riches. May the Holy Spirit be with you always, Amen!

What you have just read is a heart-felt outflow of thankfulness from Vivian a 15 year old, one of the many students whose lives have been impacted on by the Bible course. And as you read on- from the little extracts below, you will hear many grateful voices echo through the paragraphs as various people share their stories

“You have been a blessing to us all and I hope that you continue this great work of preaching God’s word. I have really learnt a lot from the course but most importantly I have learnt about ‘faith’. I have realized that faith is the most important in a Christian’s life and that good works without faith or believing in Jesus Christ are nothing. I promise to always put into practice all the things I have learnt and to also read the Bible because it is one way we can connect with God. Studying this course has also strengthened me in many ways, especially in reading the Bible. I shall always pray for your work of spreading the word of God to prosper. May God bless the works of your hands” – Menya Samuel.

I have got the answers to my questions! I used to doubt if Jesus was really God: How He could be the center of salvation and why He had to possess the human appearance. I had always wondered how Jesus could be Prophet, King and Priest and regardless of how much all this puzzled me I had never go any answers to these questions. But now I am greatly enlightened and I now I doubt no more- Harriet Igiraneza.

Before I received the first course book, I never had faith. I had numerous bad relationships resulting from my un-forgiveness especially for people who would wrong me. But as I continued studying the course, my life changed totally. I realized that I was living in sin and needed to change. I recently started studying “Growing in faith” and my life has continued to change”- Ario Juliet.

I have learnt and known that I am saved only through faith through Jesus Christ. And have also known that Jesus is my Savior- He died for me. This course has helped me to know more about Jesus and God the Father. And through it all, my faith has been strengthened”- Nambooga Doreen.

The changed life stories we keep receiving through our Bible Course are simply endless. Perusing through them all is indeed an experience of God’s love and grace poured out to the lost; the lost finding the way to eternal truth as recorded in God’s Word. And to this we say Glory to God!

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Behavior change for Holiday Makers

This is one of those remarkable days youths from different locations around the cosmopolitan Kabalagala town will live to remember. A total of 55 young people from Kibuli, Namuwongo, Kansanga, Buziga and Kabalagala gathered to be counseled about various issues regarding behavior change. Contrary from the usual counselling sessions we often conduct in secondary schools around the country, the seminar this time round comprised a mixture of school going teenagers, teenage mothers and school dropouts from the surrounding communities.
The one day seminar with a theme “Discover the Ideal Man/Woman in you” saw the facilitators engage these young people in discussions that were aimed at guiding them in living a life that reflects the godly person God created them to be as they emphasized that the ideal man or woman is one who reflects the godly nature in their lifestyle.
As participants were drawn to the exposition of what God requires them to be in this perverted generation, many of them received a lifetime guide as they discovered certain life principles such as truthfulness, living with a purpose and passion, having integrity, seeking wisdom, and living healthy in both spirit, soul and body. As it is our norm we did not of course leave out precautions condemning pre-marital sex; which was laid out in topics such as Teen-dating, Causes and disadvantages of homosexuality among others.
We cannot thank God enough for every chance He gives to us to impact on our nation’s young population through our Youth program.


LHM Evangelizes Believers In Kayiila

Now more than ever before the Saints of God need to strengthen their efforts and awaken their zeal to reach out to the unreached all over the world. In this evangelical view LHM-Uganda held a one day meeting in which believers were given a glimpse into evangelism and follow-up as they were reminded of the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.
In partnership with a local Lutheran Congregation in Buwenge-Kayiila a village that is predominantly Muslim, laymen from the Anglican Church of Uganda and members of the Lutheran Church converged to learn how they can use their God given talents and gifts with love and passion to reach out to those who haven’t accepted God’s free gift of salvation.
Aiming at awakening a passion among the volunteers that gathered for the Evangelism meeting, LHM-Uganda staff enlightened participants about the local Ministry center and the work it does giving them insights into its Mission, Vision, objectives and Programs. Participants were later given a glimpse into personal evangelism and the importance of follow-up as they got to learn who their lost neighbor is and how they can reach out to them with love.
As we equip more laymen with adequate skills and passion to reach out to the lost with the love of Christ, and as we engage more communities in the great commission we hope that the non-believers in this remote village such as these will be able to receive God’s free gift of salvation.