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Music and Drama Outreach in Lira-Northern Uganda

Akia Lutheran church looked closed up when our outreach team arrived. Its door-less entrances or exits were barred with logs, a picture that seemed to indicate that this makeshift structure was out of bounds. However within a short while, people started to flock in from the nearby residences and in no time the entire church compound was filled up.
The bars were removed and the church swept clean. This is where we had a privilege to engage young people in Music and drama activities with presentations planned for later on in the evening at a trading center called Kworokwor trading center. Two different groups of youth presented in songs and dances.
In a drama’s entitled Had I Known, the message of living a Christ-like lifestyle was delivered. The play centered around an orphan girl who served as a house-help for a young mistress who mistreated her, but later this orphan girl grew up to become an important person in the society. Through this drama many lessons were learnt among which were a caution to the audience not to mistreat people/strangers they host in their homes as you can never know what will become of them in future. The drama also portrayed that God has good plans for everyone, a message that encouraged viewers especially young people subjected to hard conditions as all hope has not been lost.
In yet another drama, idol worship was condemned as the drama revealed that idol worship leads to man’s destruction.
In all the presentations the audience was encouraged to trust in the Lord who is our only solace amidst all circumstances.
The outreach to Akia was sealed with films that gave us the opportunity to proclaim Christ’s love in the public arena where non-believers gathered in numbers at Baracace and Kworokwor. Glory to God!

Butangala Lutheran church equipped for evangelism

The first five days of January 2015 were days of delight and empowerment ushering the local congregation of Butangala into the new year with an awakening for evangelism. For over five years of existence this has been the first time this congregation is being equipped with evangelism training through the ETS program. As usual the main objective of the seminar was to raise a team of volunteers ready to be equipped with skills and passion to share their faith and welcome the un-churched. A total of twenty seven laymen participated in the seminar and were all commissioned as Ministry volunteers ready to carry on the great commission as recorded in Mathew 28:19-20.
During this seminar LHM modules such as ‘Why Evangelize’, ‘Evangelism’, ‘Hospitality and Follow-up’ were used to enlighten the participants as they lay bare what had been concealed from this congregation of believers- the obligation to evangelize. Council members, the elderly and young people all acquired one spirit which is to embrace evangelism as it is God’s will for them, and to make their congregation a church home for the new believers they will be reaching out in their community.
In his speech, the lay leader of the congregation Mr. Robert Lubogo commented, “You have awakened me from sleep and have challenged me to establish church programs that can enhance the growth of my congregation”. We hope to continue working with this congregation as long as they are willing to implement what they acquire from our Ministry trainings and are ready to see their congregation grow in membership as they reach out more to the non-believers.

Films shows in Butangala and Nawampiti
On this same outreach two film shows were conducted in the remote villages of Butangala and Nawampiti. Beyond the moving picture on the screen, LHM Staff and volunteers administered prayer, counselling, and preached the Good news of salvation to individuals one-on-one. Many received God’s free gift of salvation as they watched the “Jesus film” which was played in the public arena for all see.