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Reaching out to the nations in Kampala’s Ghetto.

“What is the difference between a disciple and an apostle?” asked a youngster in one of our urban outreaches. He had just watched Jesus walk with the twelve in a film we showed at a slum called Kifumbira, located in Kamwokya commonly known as Kampala ghetto. His question was quite theological and as he watched along with his friends, it was clear that he was gathering information to help him pass his Religious studies in school. “I have learnt a lot from this film, and I find many answers to my Religious studies’, he noted. But still his question was not yet answered.
He approached me and asked again, “Are the twelve called disciples or apostles of Jesus?” And my answer to the young man was that the twelve were disciples when they were still learning and walking with Jesus, but when He sent them out on a mission to preach the gospel, they became Apostles. In a nutshell I made the youngster understand that a disciple is simply a follower and an apostle is someone sent to preach the gospel.
This question opened up a discussion through which the youngsters learnt that Jesus has called all of us to be His disciples and has also sent all of us as apostles in the great commission of making Him known to the nations. In receiving answers to their questions, the youngsters believed and determined to follow Christ that evening.
Through the film show Kampala’s ghetto was illuminated with the gospel expelling the darkness of sin and bringing many to the light of salvation that comes with repentance and determination to follow Christ. The film show also opened doors for extending the gospel to other areas as some of the responses requested the Ministry Center to visit various areas with a similar program.