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Young people discover their potential through Music and Drama.

Most of the MDD participants were volunteers formally trained our ETS programing and among the strategies for evangelism given to them was Music and Drama. Members who had never been part of our ETS trainings but were willing to use their talents for evangelism also joined in to use their talents for God. Mary Kisakye, a Student in Senior three was one of them.

In the start Mary was doubtful of how the entire music and drama outreach would end up; so she decided to watch from a distance. But later on after she had attentively listened to the intensions of the drama that were explained by the Ministry center staff she decided to give it a try. “I told myself, May be my talent can be useful if I try” she narrated. Needless to mention, she had just learnt that one cannot discover their talent unless they give it a try, she noted. Though Mary was too shy to try out a role, with the support she received from the team she agreed to give it a try.

As she gave all that was embedded in her talent, the crowds were pierced to the heart as they drew various lessons from the drama. Young people were encouraged to do the same and to avoid sinful acts. She was surprised at what she could do, but most importantly that her acting would inspire other people to serve God. “Through this drama I have learnt that bad company can corrupt my behavior, so I have learnt to make good friends”, said Nangobi Flavia one of the responses. Mrs. Namusuubo Sarah had this to say, “You have helped us understand how God took our place of punishment for the sin we had commited; I am encouraged to love God more and more for saving us and I promise to continue serving God with my talents and gifts even at my school”.