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The Lost Innocence

“My six friends have been telling me to masturbate, but from today I will not allow to be misled anymore, because of what I have just learnt with the help of your counsel”. “They are not my friends anymore; they are bad friends.”- remarked Muliki James a student of Mubende Army Secondary school after attending a Youth to Youth session we organized at his school.  Another student named Judith secretly sent us a note that read “from now onwards I promise to abstain from sex.” The messages recorded from our responses can go on and on…

The power of negative sexual habits and behavior in shaping young people’s lives is growing stronger in this age, and we feel we cannot afford to under-estimate it. There is a strong underlying force that is slowly eating up their morals and steadily corrupting their minds.  This results from many common factors such as the influence of the media and destructive peer pressure.

As we look back at the high school students we recently interacted with in Mubende district, which represent millions upon millions of others around the world we see a generation left out to the evil hands of moral decadence and in desperate need of advisory and Christian guidance. LHM Uganda once again reached out to the young people in Mubende with the message of hope that would free them from the captivity of this world’s pleasures that last only for a moment.

Schools reached out to included Kasenyi S.S.S, Comprehensive High School, and Mubende Army S.S.S where approximately 304 young people were offered Christian counseling and guidance while we told them of the eternal hope that can only be found in Christ Jesus.  Topics discussed ranged from Teen- dating, Peer pressure, Purposeful Living among others.

Through this program alone we have been given chance to share and interact with these youngsters about their social lives and lifestyles outside their academics; a forum that has unveiled to us the imaginable challenges young people face on a day today basis in our country. We are uncertain whether to rate a child in the city with access to the internet and social media as one at greater danger or a poor child in the village who thinks the only way she can catch up with modernization is by giving up her innocence to a boda boda rider luring her with cheap gifts. One thing were are certain of though is that whether in the city or countryside, the stories we have heard through these counseling and guidance sessions have left us heartbroken; grieving with pain mere words cannot express.

Nevertheless we still believe all hope is not lost as the testimonies and responses we keep registering indicate changed lives and a generation that is ready to change for Christ. Glory to God!