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Richard Ntambi finds a new Hope!

Richard Ntambi, a resident of Portbell-Luzira, had faced many challenges in life. He had experienced several motor accidents, while riding his Moto-bicycle. It being his only source of income he was faced with financial constraints as most of his income was spent on hospital bills. His family eventually was torn apart; his wife deserted him for another man on realizing realized Richard could not sustain a family. Richard was distressed, frustrated, broken-hearted, betrayed and without hope.

In the search for a solution to all this mis-happening he was cheated by false prophets whom he claimed to have paid large sums of money to be prayed for; and when this too failed to work, he resorted to witchcraft in order to have security for his life.

Still fearful of what would happen next, Richard happened to be part of the congregation which gathered to watch a film we recently staged in Luzira a city suburb.  The gospel we preached on that day brought a new hope in his life. Looking at all the miracles Jesus performed during His time here on earth, and Him resurrecting from the dead, Richard confessed, “Christians have a mighty God with whom everything is possible. I believe, He can handle my situation”.  As he shared his story, he said, “If Jesus can feed such a multitude with three fish and five loaves of bread, then I am confident that even though I lost my business, he can multiply the little I am left with and make me well again”.

For the first time in a long time, Richard turned to God in prayer. Like him many other people faced with similar challenges continue to receive a new hope by watching and listening to the gospel we preached using films. We thank God for the impact the local ministry continues to make in the lives of many people as we go around the country proclaiming Christ’s love to those who haven’t believed in Him.