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ETS impacts Local Congregations.

In the recent weeks LHM-Uganda has conducted series of ETS in various parts of the country impacting the local congregations with personal evangelism and outreach. Among the congregations reached out to were Itakaibolu Lutheran church in Bugiri district, Kigezi Lutheran church in Masindi and Iganga in Iganga district. In all three areas the church faced similar evangelism challenges and we hope with our recent outreach the local churches were awakened to rise above their usual norm, reach out to non-believers and welcome new members to the church.

By the end of the seminars participants testified of how ETS equipped them spiritually for the call of evangelism. Not only had they lacked knowledge of how to reach out with the gospel, but were also unaware of their Christian responsibility to love their lost neighbor.  ETS was an eye opener to the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.  And with help of modules such as Personal evangelism and follow-up, participants were challenged to share the good news.

Mr. Yungi Godfrey one of the church leaders at Kigezi Lutheran church confessed “…we lacked such teachings in the church and we didn’t know what to do but now everything will be put in to practice”.

Teaching about Hospitality and Small group Ministry participants were shown how to care for new believers as they practice the sharing demonstrated in the early church. Mr. Opio Albert the worship leader of Kigezi Lutheran church observed that starting bible study groups and Sunday school would help them grow in the knowledge of the Word, which is significant for personal evangelism.

Participants appreciated LHM for the effort to help Lutheran churches in Uganda. With continued interaction and enlightenment about its programs and activities, they were inspired and requested LHM to continue extending its mission trips to them.

ETS at Iganga ETS Session at Itakabolu Lutheran church ETS session at Kigezi lutheran church

The Love of Christ!

“I was forced to remarry after the death of my first husband so I would give my children a father figure! But little did I know that what I saw as a solution to this one problem would open a door to many others. In my second marriage I was not as fortunate as I had been in my first marriage. Childbearing became a challenge that caused me scorn and mockery from my in-laws…” narrated Judith Nafula.

Like Judith we came in touch with people faced with various challenges and in desperate need for Christ’s unconditional love, in a door to door evangelism outreach we recently conducted in Busia. Working in partnership with the laymen of Nalwire and Buhasaba Lutheran Church, the Ministry Center proclaimed the love of Christ to the distressed and those without hope as we visited various homes sharing the gospel message of hope.

Alongside door to door evangelism, films were also shown in the public arena embracing us the opportunity to share the good news with people from all walks of life. Two shows were conducted at Butula and Lumuli generated 170 and 38 referrals. Being a rainy season the films were interrupted by the rains which in a way hindered our film outreach. We thank God for the gospel that was preached and for the souls that came to faith.