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Behavior campaign extends to Nakasongola district!

In this digital generation young people are more connected than ever which has made it easy for them to make friend around the world with just a single slide of the finger. Certainly this is a good thing! Nonetheless this digital migration has also given way to greater perversion denying the youth of this generation the right to innocence! Sexual immorality has become trendy as youngster try to keep abreast with modernity even made worse by our poor environment that makes them think they live in this never ending illusion of a first world country. LMMU recently reached out to the youth of Nakasongola and among the schools visited include Nakasongola Muslims School, Nakasongola Senior Secondary School, Nakasongola Modern School and Bethel Royal high School. Topics discussed ranged from Purposeful living, Peer pressure, Sexual abstinence, teen dating through which we offered counseling and guidance as we influenced the youngster behavior for godly living.  “Your visit has been timely; we’re overwhelmed by the students’ misbehavior.  The school was even forced to take drastic measures such as prohibiting sports galas as students take advantage of these and sneak out of school which usually results into early pregnancies.”-commented one of the schools’ administrators.  “We hope that when you talk to them as their peers they will listen and be inspired by your message”. Thankfully by the end of the sessions, majority of the student had committed to change their behavior as evidenced in their confessions below. Atuhirwe Claire “I have learnt to believe in myself and to always remember that that I was created in the image of God.”   Simbe Edgar “I have learnt that in life there are things that come our way such as friends, sexual feelings but we shouldn’t be enslaved by such world pleasures as we should be masters of our bodies and not the reverse. From today henceforth my priority goal shall be to excellency in academics and sports.  Apio EveI have learnt to be careful with what I feed my mind on as I have known that from my heart fall the springs of life!IMG_20160420_125716

Over 700 Young People Reached in Bugiri!

Soon the Team was back on the road travelling back to Mbale past Mt.Kadam connecting to Bugiri district through Iganga where young people waited to be counselled and guided on life’s social challenges. A total of five schools were visited which included Bugiri High School, Alliance Victory SSS, Town View High School, Star Secondary School, and Crane High School reaching over 1,200 young people generating 758 responses. As usual interacting with the youth was quite interesting with more or less the same challenges we encounter each time we reach out to them. Always rowdy yet interested in the message that is being presented; exercising the patience we have gained over the years we managed to handle the large groups that gathered and our Youth to Youth program was successfully conducted. Bugiri being a predominantly Islamic area, we were amazed by the reception we received from all the schools. In more than one school we were glad to address congregations of over 400 students. Many of them were touched by the messages and practically followed us seeking insights on the various social challenges they faced ranging from teen dating, sex abstinence, purposeful living, and peer pressure among others. Now we may not fully understand the impact of our outreach to these young people, nonetheless we cannot hesitate to mention how our hearts melted with joy as we challenged these youngsters into godly living.

IMG_0414 IMG_0416 IMG_0423 IMG_0424

Outreach To Karamonja Region!

March was a wonderful month where we saw the Lord sustain us with His grace. Not in a long time have we been able to do so much in just 30days- traversing the nation with the gospel regardless of the political climate.

The team ushered the month on the road to Amudat located far-east on the board of Uganda and Kenya. A journey that took us over 10hours of driving from Kampala most of it in the jungle and on a ragged road soon came to an end shortly after midnight when the team arrived in the small town of Amudat. With almost no sign of life, it was all quiet and dark with no electricity except for the big trucks that drove through the night. We were directed to the only guest in the entire town where we were able to find humble beds to spend the night. Activities planned for the outreach were successfully conducted with ETS registering over 50 members in attendance and 45 commissioned laymen. Amudat’s being semi-arid and March being a dry season the weather was extremely hot with 38+ºC temperatures. Nonetheless the congregation endured the heat under a metallic roofed shelter. The outreach was soon concluded with a film show in Amudat town.