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No Servant is greater than His Master!

Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also. John 15:20.

Our outreach team was recently engaged in personal evangelism with the Lutheran Church in Masindi as they proclaimed the good news to the residents of Katumba in a door to door exercise. Unlike many around the world we are still privileged to live in a free Christian society with freedoms to freely share our faith with our un-believing neighbors.

This is exercise we encountered a various families with varieties of religion and beliefs. While many embraced the gospel and welcomed us to their homes; others rejected the Good news and asked us to leave. And this phrase no servant is greater than His master kept us going…

I recall in one of the homes we visited was a woman who bluntly asked us to leave her compound calling us all kinds of names. She further mentioned she was fed up of people who hide under the cover of Christianity after they have wronged and hurt many people. Ignoring her insults we proclaimed and prayed for peace and salvation in her home as we walked away trying to avoid what could possibly follow.

To our amazement before we could even reach the road her young daughter came running after us calling us to return. Did we hear right…return after those kinds of insults!!! Yes, was the young girl’s plea. Mum says you should come back and pray for her she is not feeling well. Amidst hesitation we returned to this home and prayed for the girl’s mother. It turned out from her sharing she was battling an illness that has cost her a lot of money including money she had been manipulated to pay so she can be prayed for to receive healing. Having spent so much on this she could no longer afford to enough money to pay for her medication which deteriorated her condition.

“But after I insulted you my heart was convicted that you could be genuine people and that’s why I called you back to pray for me.” The team prayed and encouraged her and when we got up to leave she was happy that unlike others we had not asked for any money. We continue to pray that amidst her pain and bitterness Christ will meet her and heal her completely.

If Christ was insulted, rejected, banished and even denied access to towns of the same world He created, we cannot expect less from the world as we reach out to the lost. But most importantly we are encouraged by the fact that just like some obeyed His teaching we know at some point the gospel we preach will also be received.



Youth program inspires Youth in Mbale!

LMMU recently reached out to the young people in Mbale where behavior change sessions were held in eight secondary schools which included University link high school, Mbale comprehensive high school, Oxford high school, Mbale parent’s senior school, Town side high school, Bugisu high school, St Mary’s SS Mbale and Grace high school generating over 800 responses. Among the topics discussed were Purposeful living, Sex abstinence, and Teen dating among others. With the students’ participation we had open discussions about the various social challenges that affected them as young people especially those associated with their growth; and arising from their understanding of the various issues that were tabled we seized the opportunity to offer them counseling and guidance based on the realities of life. Real life experiences formed the center of the discussions. And at the end of the sessions a number of them approached us to share how meaningful the sessions were as evidenced in the responses recorded below;                                                        “I am glad you talked to the students about them living with a purpose. Last year one of our best students at UCE dropped out of school and resorted to riding a boda boda simply because he was confused and did not what he wanted to be; he had no purpose for his life” commented one of the Teachers.  “…and listening to your advice this afternoon I know many of them have been inspired”.                                                                                                         “I appreciate the advice you have given us today and I would like to know how I can how I can use music talent to serve the Lord” –                                                                                                              “This session has inspired and changed me and I would like to receive salvation…”- Peace.                                                                                                                                                       “My life has been changed and from today onwards, I shall be focused on achieving my dream and using it to serve God”- Wakida John.

“I am so changed now and not only my life but my thoughts too have been renewed and now I understand I must live with a purpose”- Diana