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Bible Course Impacts Young lives!

As LHM Uganda continues to impact lives with the help of its Mass Media and Holistic programs we are excited to share with you some of the stories we recently received from young people who responded to one of our traditional programs ‘The Bible Correspondence Course’ The course is divided into four course booklets titled ‘Lets study the Christian faith’ ‘Issues of faith’ ‘Growing faith’ and ‘Living in faith.’ All four booklets are offered as one package. Join us as we enjoy the wonderful stories of the lives changed by the Bible Course.

 “Studying Issues Of Faith has reminded me that as a Christian I need not to boast but should read and study God’s word often. To remember my baptism and trust that it has made me God’s Child”.

“The bonus information on HIV and AIDS was equally interesting. Reading it taught me that I should not judge people infected with the disease but instead love, care and be compassionate with them. Regardless of how they could have contracted the disease, they still need the Good news because Jesus in His ministry reached out to many such these and that is my responsibility as His follower to reach out to them with love”- Brian Bronnie

“My faith in Christ has always been strong, but this course has greatly impacted me with details about the Holy Spirit and His Works. My Knowledge has increased and now I am able to explain in detail the Christian faith. The course has encouraged me to be steadfast in faith as many have fallen away from the faith due to lack of knowledge”- Womunga Emmanuel

“Once upon a time I was fed up of my life because of the way I lived. My grades in school were terrible since I did not care to understand what  was taught to me by the teachers. I enjoyed playing and distracting my friends during lessons. The more I played the worse my grades became. I hated my life!”.  “When the Bible Course was introduced to my school I was among the first students to enroll; and answering the course booklets did not leave me the same. Studying what is recorded in those courses made me contemplate returning to God.”  “May be He would turn around things for me! And guess what He did!” “I now study hard and cooperate with my Teachers. My grades have greatly improved; as a matter of fact I emerged the best in my class in the recently ended school term.” “I was lost but now I am found, I was blind but now I see. This is what the Lord has done for me. I love the Lord so much and I keep encouraging my friends to turn to God as He is able to help them live a better life and He loves them the same.”- Katasi Meble

“Studying the Bible course has boosted my faith in God and my life has changed. I have learnt more about the origin of sin and how I to control myself from falling into temptation e.g. by praying, worshipping and spending time with God’’. Nadamba Diana