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New broadcasts Change Lives!

The Ministry Center recently started radio broadcasts in Kampala, Uganda’s Capital which inhabits an estimated 4,000,000 people. This came after several attempts to have the program ran on various stations most of which were fruitless. Broadcasts in Kampala were not on for a smooth start. Many times we contemplated whether to keep the show running or to suspend it. Responses were not coming through. There was no feedback whatsoever. We intensified advertising but still nothing changed.

However the past few weeks have been a turn around. Every day we receive people asking for booklets, the Bible Course and Counseling among others. The changed life stories are just incredible!

Oh I just love your show; it’s been a blessing in my life. Every Sunday morning I can’t dare miss the show for anything. That show just awakens you to sanity…what more is there for me to say. Today after a long desire to visit your office, I finally made it. I heard you on the show offer some booklets about domestic violence that I would like to receive and the Bible Course booklets for my children and I” –Mukasa Robert from Mpererwe

I’ve been having conflicts with my husband about some issues in our marriage. One Sunday morning as I was lying in bed, my husband whom I had had an argument with the previous night happened to turn on the radio and as he searched the FM for a gospel show. He stopped for a moment to listen to what was being discussed on one of the stations. I listened too for a little while just before the show ended. You were discussing something regarding dysfunctional families and you read a contact I stealthily wrote down. When he left home I tried to call but your number was busy. Later on someone from your office called me and give me direction on how to locate you. I came to seek counseling about the conflicts in my marriage. I will also convince my husband to come along the next time I come.” – Birungi Gorret from Bukasa.

I was a Muslim and converted to Christianity. When I appeared on one of the TV channels during one of their church services telecasts, the Muslim community rose up against me. I have been living in fear for my life following the threats I received. But while I was in hiding one Sunday morning I happened to bump into your show when I switched on the radio. Since then I have not stopped listening to it. My heart was freed from fear. I gained courage and now I am ready to witness for Christ who saved” – Lubega

I listened to your program about dysfunctional families and you mentioned you provide counseling. I had some misunderstandings with my wife before she decided to leave home. My efforts to reconcile with her have been in vain. Each time I call her cellphone she does not take my calls. I still love her and would like you to help us reconcile through your counseling program.” –Robert Muhereza from Kalangala

These are just a glimpse of what the Lord is doing through the radio broadcasts we recently started in Kampala. What a joy it is to see people drive and stop by our offices to appreciate the Ministry Center for the broadcasts, ask for booklets, counseling and even enroll for the Bible Course as they seek the Living Hope who is Christ Jesus. God is doing a new thing in our city and it’s all thanks to you our donors who faithfully give to support this mission work in our Country. Thanks so much for your support and to God be the Glory!


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