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Reaching out to Namutumba

“…and the good news is preached to the poor.” Mathew 11:5

The team recently reached out to the people of Namutumba through a films and holistic outreach.  The outreach focused on telling the love of Christ through the gospel that was preached to the poor as people gathered to watch the Jesus film staged in an open place at sunset. Unlike some around the world, Uganda is among those places that are still blessed with the freedom of openly sharing Christ with a neighbor and one will not be in trouble with the law.  Oftentimes we have been privileged to screen the Jesus film in predominantly Islamic neighborhoods and our Muslim friends have willingly and freely provided us with space to screen the film, and even given an offering in support of the gospel. One of such was Namutumba. While screening the film the team had an opportunity to speak one on one with the people who gathered as they answered questions, administered prayer and counseling for those who were in need of it.  Through films alone 209 people were impacted by the message preached as 29 requested to speak to a pastor.

Along films the outreach team was also involved door to door evangelism where they engaged church laymen in visiting homes of nonbelievers sharing the message of salvation with them. Over 25 homes were visited in Kirerema and Nalukero villages reaching over 52 people with the gospel. We also had the privilege to clothe those without as we shared with them some of the clothes we collected from our families and friends back in Kampala.