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Student Receives No Inheritance… Here on Earth

“The death of my father on March 19th, 2004 was the turning point in my life,” Tony shared with Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) staff in Uganda. He vividly remembers one Tuesday morning that year, when his entire family was called together for the apportionment of his father’s properties. Tony, being the first-born son, expected to inherit a reasonable portion of that sizable estate. He listened, patiently, as the will was read to the entire family.

When several commercial buildings were given to a close relative of his father’s, Tony was sure at least one of the five residential homes would be given to him. Instead, each home was assigned to a different relative, leaving Tony, his mother and siblings, with none of the inheritance. Sadly, this is not an uncommon occurrence in Uganda and other parts of Africa, where widows have few rights over their husbands’ property.

Tony, a student at the time, was set to return to the college for the start of a new semester, but with no money for tuition, he decided to pull out of school for a while. His mother had made the decision to spend what money they had left on educating his younger siblings. The realization that his father’s death had left them with nothing for their future was too much to bear. He loudly cursed his late father and blamed God for not caring about their situation. The next four years would be filled with disappointment, frustration and tears.

Soon after dropping out of school, Tony joined a local gang which introduced him to drugs and alcohol. He was even arrested on several occasions. Eventually, Tony was able to leave the gang-life and return to his education. He remained in the grip of alcoholism.

In August 2008, Tony wandered into the LHM—Uganda ministry center in search of Christian counseling. After speaking with a staff member, Tony signed up for a Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) that included a topical booklet titled, I Am an Alcoholic.

“From reading the booklet, I came to understand and accept the negative effects of alcoholism,” Tony explained. “I also found myself getting closer and closer to God after practicing the principles laid in that book.”

This became apparent to those around him when Tony began attending Sunday morning church services, following a six-year absence. With the help of the BCC, Tony says he has learned that salvation and the strength to face life’s disappointments is only found in Jesus Christ.

Tony graduated from college earlier this year. It is our prayer that God will use him to reach out to other people, especially college students, who have had similar experiences.

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