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SMS Ministry has Great Potential

Mobile phone usage is the largest growing avenue of communication for people in Uganda between the age of 13 and 35 years. With 5 companies operating in the country and connecting more than 6 million people, young people in Uganda use cell phones to share pictures, listen to music and audio, send and receive text messages  or SMS, send and receive email, a few surf the Internet while others receive Radio broadcasts on their phones.  Recognizing this importance, we started developing strategies for utilizing this new avenue of communication by reaching especially young people to increase our outreach in every community. 

LMMU is focused on Creating successful campaigns by recognizing and harnessing the unique properties of the medium. Text messaging is not a mass medium as TV, radio or press advertising and we are careful not to treat it as such as it would befall the same fate as email. However, we are focused at implementing the SMS ministry through the use of our database of interested respondents or potential referrals that want to receive information from our ministry.  This database is the key! Its our direct route to our audience and  important we do not abuse it. We are to target our campaigns as much as possible to young people between the age of 13 – 35 so that they are relevant to our recipients.  
The immediacy of text messaging coupled with its direct nature permits spontaneous campaigns that no other medium can offer. This ministry has the potential of saving our ministry funds and ensure that our respondents view this as a value-added ministry rather than a nuisance.
Text messaging is a great way of enhancing response from recipients as its less intrusive than a phone call, plus by using web-based SMS interface we have a detailed record of our SMS ministry.