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Bound with the Love of Christ.

There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus”. Galatians 3:28

Recently the Ministry center was involved in a mission to South Sudanese Camps in Adjumani district located on the boarder of Uganda and South Sudan. With help of the Lutheran Church clergy from South Sudan and Uganda the gospel was preached to the despairing souls who have been forced to leave the comfort of their homes as this young nation strives to attain peace. Rev. Nathaniel Bol of South Sudan Evangelical Lutheran Church and Rev. James Odoo of the Lutheran Church of Uganda accompanied the team. Nyumanzi and Ayilo are the two camps the team visited where SSELC members gather for worship in three local congregations.

The mission that comprised sharing from the Word of God conducted by the Pastors and holistic activities which were mainly done by LHM-Uganda team touched hundreds of lives taking refuge in these camps. Job 2:11-13 was the portion of scripture used to comfort those who gathered as the LHM team waited to engage the women in holistic activities, the children in VBS and the film show for all.

Over 60 women were reached through holistic activities where they were trained to make reusable sanitary towels with the help of sewing kits. Already stitched pieces were also distributed to each one of them together with the materials they needed to make one or two more.

The children were also reached out to through VBS where they were taught about Man’s sinful nature and his need for salvation, Jesus’ saving blood, the significance of baptism, the need to grow in faith and the gift of Eternal life that God has promised all those who have believed in His Son Jesus Christ. These were taught with the simplicity of making a colorful bracelet the little saints later wore on their hands.

Needless to say was the love for God that we experienced among these refugees and the warm reception we received. It did not matter whether we were Ugandans and they were South Sudanese; nor the difference in ethnicity but together Christ bound us with cords that could not be broken.

At the end of it all the love, the smiles, the happy faces and the contentment that comes with the sharing of the gospel made the 1050KM trip worthwhile as the team travel back to Kampala to rejoin their families for the Christmas and New Year holidays. To God be the Glory!

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Bible Course Impacts Young lives!

As LHM Uganda continues to impact lives with the help of its Mass Media and Holistic programs we are excited to share with you some of the stories we recently received from young people who responded to one of our traditional programs ‘The Bible Correspondence Course’ The course is divided into four course booklets titled ‘Lets study the Christian faith’ ‘Issues of faith’ ‘Growing faith’ and ‘Living in faith.’ All four booklets are offered as one package. Join us as we enjoy the wonderful stories of the lives changed by the Bible Course.

 “Studying Issues Of Faith has reminded me that as a Christian I need not to boast but should read and study God’s word often. To remember my baptism and trust that it has made me God’s Child”.

“The bonus information on HIV and AIDS was equally interesting. Reading it taught me that I should not judge people infected with the disease but instead love, care and be compassionate with them. Regardless of how they could have contracted the disease, they still need the Good news because Jesus in His ministry reached out to many such these and that is my responsibility as His follower to reach out to them with love”- Brian Bronnie

“My faith in Christ has always been strong, but this course has greatly impacted me with details about the Holy Spirit and His Works. My Knowledge has increased and now I am able to explain in detail the Christian faith. The course has encouraged me to be steadfast in faith as many have fallen away from the faith due to lack of knowledge”- Womunga Emmanuel

“Once upon a time I was fed up of my life because of the way I lived. My grades in school were terrible since I did not care to understand what  was taught to me by the teachers. I enjoyed playing and distracting my friends during lessons. The more I played the worse my grades became. I hated my life!”.  “When the Bible Course was introduced to my school I was among the first students to enroll; and answering the course booklets did not leave me the same. Studying what is recorded in those courses made me contemplate returning to God.”  “May be He would turn around things for me! And guess what He did!” “I now study hard and cooperate with my Teachers. My grades have greatly improved; as a matter of fact I emerged the best in my class in the recently ended school term.” “I was lost but now I am found, I was blind but now I see. This is what the Lord has done for me. I love the Lord so much and I keep encouraging my friends to turn to God as He is able to help them live a better life and He loves them the same.”- Katasi Meble

“Studying the Bible course has boosted my faith in God and my life has changed. I have learnt more about the origin of sin and how I to control myself from falling into temptation e.g. by praying, worshipping and spending time with God’’. Nadamba Diana


Blessings in Kamuli

A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor. Proverbs 22:9

Recently the LMMU team headed to Kamuli district to continue with its mission of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people through its various programs. This time was through door to door evangelism, films shows and holistic. Before the journey, the team gathered items such as clothes, shoes, toys among others from different people who considered them to be of less importance, used or worn out and availed them to those who were in great need of them. Due to the previous outreaches held in different parts of the country, the team decided to reach out to the people of Buluya and Buyondo villages of Kamuli district. The outcome was overwhelming as the items one would consider less important are actually great life changers to other people in other areas. Nabirye a single mother of three from Buluya village says she was so blessed by the activity, adding that she had never had a chance of buying her kids any new clothes in over four years even when she could see the old ones falling apart. “I couldn’t even send my children to school for Saturday classes since they require them to wear casual clothes which they didn’t have. My heartfelt gratitude to the LMMU team for this great activity that has been able to provide for us a great new opportunity. With this, my children will also be able to attend their Saturday classes without fail now that they have the right and presentable clothes to wear. God bless you.

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ETS and Films at Kainogoga

They will wage war against the Lamb, but the Lamb will triumph over them because he is Lord of lords and King of kings–and with him will be his called, chosen and faithful followers.”. Revelation 17:14

This September LMMU reached out to the people of Kainogoga with the message of love and hope in Christ Jesus through ETS seminar and films. The outreach aimed at equipping participants with strategies on how they can share their faith and welcome new believers to the church. Topics discussed included Personal evangelism, why evangelize, Evangelism and follow-up among others. By the end of the seminar participants pledged to witness to the unreached, the young and urban dwellers as they join the campaign of making Christ known to all.ets-kaino


After ETS the team quickly prepared itself for yet another event (films) that was held at Kabembe a small village in Jinja district. As told, this village is commonly known for drunkenness and witchcraft which is the main reason we chose it for the Jesus film. The warm reception and love to hear the gospel by the villagers kept the team wondering and glorifying God. The audience was prompt and turned up in large numbers to ensure they didn’t miss any bit of the film. As the team assembled the machines to get the film started, the generator operator noticed the generator had a problem and couldn’t provide power supply. This got us wondering as it had worked perfectly the previous night. Quickly by God’s grace volunteers came in and one of the families in the neighborhood allowed us to connect our machines to the power supply in their house, which we did and we were able to stage the film successfully. Glory to God for He remains true to His word.


Evangelism in Kampala’s slums

When the Pharisees saw this, they asked His disciples, “Why does your Teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?”  On hearing this, Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. Mathew 9:11

Our outreach team regularly stages the Jesus film in Kampala slums and suburbs with the hope of reaching all people with Christ’s love. One of the frequently visited places is Katwe which is considered one of the biggest slums in Kampala central division. Aside from being one of the biggest slums, Katwe is known for breeding thieves, prostitutes, street children, pickpockets and all kinds of people who come to Kampala with a big dream to make it big in life. Because of this Katwe continues to register high crime rates. Drawing from the love our Savior has shown us by dying on the cross for our sin, the team is neither hesitant nor afraid to share Christ in such communities. Courageously they continue to show the Jesus film in such communities and we trust people’s lives been impacted. This month they again had an opportunity to stage a film in Katwe and as usual the response was impressive as many gathered to listen to the gospel that was being preached. Among them was a group of youngsters who freely shared with us how their lives had been changed. “We watch this film each time you stage it here and learning from the gospel that is being preached the crime rate here has gone down.” We recently decided to demolish an abandoned shelter where our bad colleagues have been hiding after engaging in crime. “You see Katwe is changing because of the gospel you keep preaching here!”  We believe just like them others involved in prostitution and drugs have been changed too. One Mr. Bukenya Mukidadi who claimed to have been a staunch Muslim also had this to share with us. “I used to watch the film you stage here just to pass time, however, each time I watched it I couldn’t help it but ponder on all the might works of this man called Jesus. Today I have decided to believe Him as my savior. Kindly direct me where I can find your church. It is quite hard to evaluate how sincere people’s responses are after such an event  but what can we do?! But continue to do what we have been called to do and trust the Holy Spirit to establish them in the faith.


No Servant is greater than His Master!

Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also. John 15:20.

Our outreach team was recently engaged in personal evangelism with the Lutheran Church in Masindi as they proclaimed the good news to the residents of Katumba in a door to door exercise. Unlike many around the world we are still privileged to live in a free Christian society with freedoms to freely share our faith with our un-believing neighbors.

This is exercise we encountered a various families with varieties of religion and beliefs. While many embraced the gospel and welcomed us to their homes; others rejected the Good news and asked us to leave. And this phrase no servant is greater than His master kept us going…

I recall in one of the homes we visited was a woman who bluntly asked us to leave her compound calling us all kinds of names. She further mentioned she was fed up of people who hide under the cover of Christianity after they have wronged and hurt many people. Ignoring her insults we proclaimed and prayed for peace and salvation in her home as we walked away trying to avoid what could possibly follow.

To our amazement before we could even reach the road her young daughter came running after us calling us to return. Did we hear right…return after those kinds of insults!!! Yes, was the young girl’s plea. Mum says you should come back and pray for her she is not feeling well. Amidst hesitation we returned to this home and prayed for the girl’s mother. It turned out from her sharing she was battling an illness that has cost her a lot of money including money she had been manipulated to pay so she can be prayed for to receive healing. Having spent so much on this she could no longer afford to enough money to pay for her medication which deteriorated her condition.

“But after I insulted you my heart was convicted that you could be genuine people and that’s why I called you back to pray for me.” The team prayed and encouraged her and when we got up to leave she was happy that unlike others we had not asked for any money. We continue to pray that amidst her pain and bitterness Christ will meet her and heal her completely.

If Christ was insulted, rejected, banished and even denied access to towns of the same world He created, we cannot expect less from the world as we reach out to the lost. But most importantly we are encouraged by the fact that just like some obeyed His teaching we know at some point the gospel we preach will also be received.



Youth program inspires Youth in Mbale!

LMMU recently reached out to the young people in Mbale where behavior change sessions were held in eight secondary schools which included University link high school, Mbale comprehensive high school, Oxford high school, Mbale parent’s senior school, Town side high school, Bugisu high school, St Mary’s SS Mbale and Grace high school generating over 800 responses. Among the topics discussed were Purposeful living, Sex abstinence, and Teen dating among others. With the students’ participation we had open discussions about the various social challenges that affected them as young people especially those associated with their growth; and arising from their understanding of the various issues that were tabled we seized the opportunity to offer them counseling and guidance based on the realities of life. Real life experiences formed the center of the discussions. And at the end of the sessions a number of them approached us to share how meaningful the sessions were as evidenced in the responses recorded below;                                                        “I am glad you talked to the students about them living with a purpose. Last year one of our best students at UCE dropped out of school and resorted to riding a boda boda simply because he was confused and did not what he wanted to be; he had no purpose for his life” commented one of the Teachers.  “…and listening to your advice this afternoon I know many of them have been inspired”.                                                                                                         “I appreciate the advice you have given us today and I would like to know how I can how I can use music talent to serve the Lord” –                                                                                                              “This session has inspired and changed me and I would like to receive salvation…”- Peace.                                                                                                                                                       “My life has been changed and from today onwards, I shall be focused on achieving my dream and using it to serve God”- Wakida John.

“I am so changed now and not only my life but my thoughts too have been renewed and now I understand I must live with a purpose”- Diana